Psychologist Thato says reasons for both men and women cheating boils down to a lack of backbone.
 “Women cheat for the same reasons men do, such as lack of discipline to keep their word, lack of integrity to be honest when they are unhappy, and lack of courage to leave and start afresh. All the aforementioned are a big fat lack of backbone.”
1.Sihle, 26, in a relationship says she benefits from cheating.
“I cheat not

I am a 20-year-old woman. I did O-Level but did not pass even one subject.

Instead of just staying at home I decided to come to town and work as a maid. The woman I work for is a true Christian because when I hear stories from other maids dzekuti vanobatwa sei I am very shocked. The couple I work for is quite a young one they only have one baby boy aged two, they are both in their late twenties. Baba vacho made advances one weekend when the wife was out on a workshop. I wanted to report

MAI CHISAMBA, thank you so much for your column, now we can write to someone who is independent of our families and get fair solutions pasina tsvete or favour.

I am a happily married man aged 36 and my beloved wife is 34. We are blessed with two kids, a boy aged 12 and a girl who is 10. I enjoy doing household chores, I help most of the time. I cook, do laundry, clean and so on. My wife is hard working too, at times we alternate our duties. We are both gainfully employed but still we

CONTROVERSIAL Zimdancehall artiste Soul Jah Love ‘Chibaba’ has defended his continuous absence at shows he would have been paid to perform at, saying this is due to diabetes, an ailment which he was diagnosed with when he was seven-years-old.

While some had since concluded that the artiste simply fails to perform as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, Soul Jah Love claims this is not the case as his blood sugar levels will be too low for him to perform.

Chibaba, real

I am a lady aged 25 and eloped with my long-time boyfriend in August 2015. We had been trying to get married but my mother would not accept him because he is from Masvingo and he is not rich.

In October he went and paid my lobola but my parents refused to see us saying that he did not come with enough money. He had US$2 000 but my mother refused to accept mari iya.
To my understanding kuroora hakuperi ne one day; imwe mari inozongouya. Now they sent my aunt to come and talk to me

SEX workers, eager to cash in on every opportunity against a grim economic background where the disposable income of most of their clients has been eroded, have resorted to drugging their toddlers with sleeping pills before sneaking out for work at night.
Many of the sex workers with minor children said they could not afford child minders and had resorted to drugging their children, whom they leave at home in drunken stupors, while they go out at night to solicit for clients.

The struggle is real for Ciara and Russell Wilson.

The high-profile couple has been public about their decision to abstain from sex until marriage. In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the pop star says it's not always easy to resist the temptation. It seems the Seahawks quaterback is just too good-looking to resist.
When asked by the magazine, "How's the whole abstinence thing going?" she gave this answer:

"It's going pretty good. We're hanging

A South African man says he has found a way of scaring crocodiles away – he flashes his naked bum at them.

Million Gume of Limpopo calls it bum swimming.
“I’m the king of the bum swim,” he laughs and demonstrates by diving into the water and sticking his naked bum in the air.

Million told the Daily Sun that he has been swimming in the Luvuvhu River for five years. The rivers in the area are known to have many crocodiles and many locals have lost their

IT is so disturbing to hear some women saying they have accepted the “fact” that they are abnormal as they do not reach orgasm and are prepared to live with that. What the hell is that sisters?

If you are one of those people, better change your attitude because you are missing a lot!
I mean you are literally missing the world, you are yet to start living if you have not reached the big O!!!

I have met women who are always asking about what they should do in order

As their memory fades and their functionality diminishes, so do the relationships they have with family. What used to be a visit here or there, is now just a phone call to the facility asking how they are. On top of that, the staff at these facilities can become so busy with their daily duties that they really don’t get a chance to get to know the seniors and establish any sort of deep relationships with them. It’s a very sad situation.
When Mak Filiser died in the geriatric

There is no denying it, we all have times when we don't feel sexy - especially when the stresses of life take their toll on our moods.
"We are all sexual beings and all have the potential to be sexy," says confidence coach Nina Grunfeld.
"Feeling unhappy with yourself can start with a bad hair day or a giant pimple on your chin, and before you know it things have snowballed and you hate your clothes, your are convinced no man would want you
In many countries revolutions and uprisings have occurred. There are many reasons for this and scholars have always debated about what causes revolutions or uprisings. The civil unrest in Chitungwiza was seen by some observers as the beginning of  a revolution in Zimbabwe.
This is so because many people have suffered under the government of Robert Mugabe. The economy is in bad shape and there is widespread police brutality either from the Zimbabwe Republic Police
CHINESE President Xi Jinping came face to face with Zimbabwe’s collapsing services, after his plane was delayed by about 15 minutes at Harare International Airport due to malfunctioning equipment.
A towable aircraft passenger staircase, operated by the National Handling Services (NHS), developed a technical fault and remained stuck to Xi’s Air China Boeing 747-400 plane, in an embarrassing episode for his host President Robert Mugabe.
To avoid
HARARE—Rising from an ordinary telephone operator in the Office of the President to become First Lady, Grace Mugabe has a rags to riches story that some in Zimbabwe admire.
But Zimbabwe’s 50-year old First Lady equally has her fair share of critics, even among those who admire and liken her life to the Cinderella fairy tale after achieving instant recognition and success when she married President Robert Mugabe.
Some Zimbabweans

THE guy with the showroom body strutting his six pack in front of the mirrors in the gym probably doesn't have as much fun as the guy with the big belly who does the job where it matters – in the bedroom!

A study conducted at Erciyes University in Turkey revealed that overweight men have better sexual stamina.
Most women prefer big men in their bedroom rather than skinny and normal-sized men.

A total of 200 men were surveyed over a period of a year. The researchers

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