Zimbabwe Vehicle Registration & Licensing ACT Chapt 12:14 - Traffic fines Police must charge

Zimbabwe Republic Police's Inspector Muhoni has brought good news to many motorists who are forced to pay unscrupulous fines by police.

The police boss has revealed that anyone who is made to pay a fine at a traffic roadblock and is not sure how much he should have paid must immediately take the admission of guilt receipt to the nearest police station and get confirmation if they had been rightfully charged. If over charged they can immediately get their money refunded.


There's good news for the Casanovas of the world – having sex with numerous women could help to protect men from prostate cancer, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Montreal and INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier found that men who had slept with more than 20 women during their lifetime were 28 per cent less likely to develop the disease.

They were also 19 per cent less likely to develop an aggressive type of cancer, compared to those who had had only one female

List of Zanu PF Ministers and MPs who died in mysterious accidents

Zimbabwe's Justice Minister, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday escaped unhurt after being involved in a road accident along Hebert Chitepo Avenue in Harare near the US Embassy. The minister was reportedly driving alone when a minibus crashed into his Mercedes Benz. He reportedly escaped unhurt.

Minister Mnangagwa's seemingly natural accident has reignited debate over the mysterious deaths of Zimbabwean politicians that have haunted the ruling Zanu-PF party since its days in exile.

The origin of the Aids pandemic has been traced to the 1920s in the city of Kinshasa, in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, scientists say.

An international team of scientists say a "perfect storm" of population growth, sex and railways allowed HIV to spread.
A feat of viral archaeology was used to find the pandemic's origin, the team report in the journal Science. They used archived samples of HIV's genetic code to trace its source, with evidence pointing to 1920s

Snake that looks like a penis causes stir

A creature discovered by engineers building a dam in the Amazon is a type of caecilian, a limbless amphibian that resembles an earthworm or as some are noting, part of the male anatomy. The 'penis snake' has caused stir as its photos can easily be mistaken for a 'hungry' penis.
The animal was discovered while draining a portion of the Madeira River - a major tributary of the Amazon - for a controversial hydroelectric project. Six individuals were found according to biologist Julian

A British researcher claims that regular sex could be the secret to looking up to seven years younger.

Dr. David Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, spoke on July 5 at a British Psychological Society conference about the health benefits of sex, especially for older people.
Weeks claims that regular sex can shave off between five and seven years because it releases endorphins, the "feel good" chemical that acts as a natural painkiller and

AIDS was once considered a virtual death sentence. Scientific advances have turned it into a manageable disease. Now there's reason to hope that final victory - a vaccine preventing infection, and an actual cure - may be possible in the foreseeable future.

The struggle against Aids and HIV, the virus that causes Aids, has been taking place for 35 years. The gloom of the early days began to dissipate in the mid-1990s when effective anti-HIV drugs were discovered.
And the discoveries

A HIGHLY addictive concoction of anti-retroviral drugs, mandrax and rat poison - Nyaope - has reportedly hit the streets of Bulawayo, with users reportedly parting with large sums of money just to get their hands on it. Following a two-week investigation by this paper, it was discovered that the drug mixture, which originates from South Africa, is being peddled openly in the city, with officials from the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) professing ignorance of its existence or

It is already well known that masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer in men, now a German study has found it also boosts the immune system. According to the study, which is available on Pubmed, the investigators got 11 male volunteers to masturbate until orgasm, and to perform a control activity that didn't involve any sex at all.
Sexual arousal and orgasm induce an increase in sympathetic activity as well as in catecholamine and prolactin plasma concentrations

An asteroid heading for Earth will cause destruction of biblical proportions, change the climate of the globe and devastate human life, scientists say - but not until 16 March 2880.

The 1950 DA asteroid measures one kilometre in diameter and is travelling at nine miles a second relative to Earth - meaning it will hit the planet at 38,000 miles per hour.
However, although the likelihood of the rock hitting the Earth is relatively high in asteroid terms at 300/1, scientists are

Spirit Embassy founder Prophet Uebert Angel counts himself among some of the richest pastors in Africa and says he is worth $60 million and insists that his fortune is from his business empire and not the church.

He is among a number of Pentecostal church leaders who seem to have easily acquired wealth over a short period of time anchored by huge church followers inspired by the gospel of prosperity in search of material wealth.
Although he has not publicly declared his net worth

Oh my gosh, Thabiso Phiri is no longer Miss Zimbabwe? What Happened? Oh I hear she had nude pictures posted by some douchebag ex-lover person in her life? Haven't we heard this one before?

Anyway today I will give some advice to the young people before you go ahead and make a s*x tape.
Ladies, make sure that if you are going to make a s*x tape, usually it's your boyfriend's idea because he needs it for personal reasons later involving self-gratification with his one-armed bandit

Over a quarter of a million Zimbabweans are living in suspense waiting for the South African Government to make a final announcement on what will happen to the special Zimbabwe Dispensation work permits issued in September 2010.
The South African government is in limbos with renewing the permits specifically because of the precedence that it set on itself when the permits were initially issued. It is on record that there was heavy debates and resistance from opposition parties, ordinary

A study into marital infidelity has found that longer penises are linked to wives cheating on their spouses.

The study, published in the online Journal PloS One, was led by US and Kenyan researchers, found that every extra inch boosts the likelihood of wives engaging in extramarital affairs.
"We included this variable because of the interest and controversies that surround men's pursuit of penile enlargement ostensibly to sexually satisfy their spouses while women do not

SCORES of Zimbabweans travelling to Tanzania and Zambia are purchasing fake yellow fever certificates instead of administering the yellow fever vaccine, exposing the country to the deadly yellow fever epidemic, investigations have revealed.

Tanzanian and Zambian authorities require that all visitors must be vaccinated against yellow fever and be able to produce a valid yellow fever certificate together with their passport at all points of entry and exit.
This is to prevent the

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