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SUNGURA genius Alick Macheso revealed that the fallout between him and erstwhile wife Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako left him in untold emotional pain.
Although welcoming and accommodative, Macheso remained mum and reluctant to share his side of the story when The Weekender delved into his divorce issue during a wide-ranging interview on the sidelines of his show at Dzonzai Night Spot in Chipinge. The popular musician only said the fallout had caused him so much pain.
"I am under strict instruction not to say anything to the Press or even discuss anything related to that issue. I wish you could understand me on that. Of course, I am human and it has caused so much pain, but such is life," he said during a show break.
Macheso's four-year-old marriage to Tafadzwa recently came to an end amid acrimony and the musician, who appears to draw inspiration from his personal life in his music, even penned a song that hints at his divorce to estranged wife Tafadzwa Mapako.
Part of the song, which he performed during his show in Mutare, sings: "Ndakakubvisa kubva muhuruva nhasi wava kudya pizza asi wondidadira . . . ndakakutadzirei?" He performed the song three times emphasising how he probably used to take care of Tafadzwa and also how the issue has left him distressed.
The Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader also received thunderous applause from revellers when he sampled the late Tongai Moyo's love song "Kapuka Kanonzi Rudo", putting emphasis on the lyrics:
"Rudo kana rwonaka vanoshevedzera, maiwee ndanakirwa, uya uone, asi kana chabvondoka iiii maihwe-eee ndabaiwa, pamoyo pangu."

The collapse of his four-year marriage could be his inspiration as he spent the better part of his performance in Mutare dancing and singing songs related to the issue.
During the Chipinge interview, Macheso also dismissed claims made early last year by a 62-year-old Chipinge man of Malawian origin that he fathered the iconic sungura guru.
Tapi Phiri, who works as a watchman at Ratelshoek Tea Estate compound in Chipinge, told The Weekender early last year that he was dying to have a DNA test with the musician to prove that he was indeed the father of the man who has found fame and fortune in the local music industry.

But the musician vehemently denied the 62-year-old's claim.

"I do not know that man. I did not even bother to find out anything more about him because the account he gave to you was not consistent with how I grew up. Rukuvhute rwangu rwakadonhera kuBindura (I was born in Bindura and that is where my umbilical cord is.) That man just wanted to seek attention using my name," he said.
For years now, Macheso the man remains an uncharted subject, in particular his parenthood, especially his father's whereabouts and identity, which has remained a subject of speculation to many of his followers.
It is said the union between his parents was brief as the family intervened and broke up the marriage of young Emilia to Macheso's dad — Hudson Chisale.
With his father out of the picture, young Alick was then named Alick Silva-Macheso, his immigrant Mozambican mother's surnames. His father's surname, Chisale, was erased from his name.
Early last year, Phiri said: "I came from Malawi back in the mid-60s and settled at a farm in Karoi. I worked as a garden boy, while Emilia worked in the kitchen. We were teenagers by then.
"I fell in love with Emilia in 1968 and Alick was the product. It is not true that "I left her because of the interference from her relatives, but I needed to find a job that could give me more income in Harare.
"Yes, it was neglect on my part because I deserted the mother and the baby. We lost contact from then. It was only a few years ago when I heard that the mother was saying Alick's father was in Malawi and I said to myself that the world should know the truth.
"I later moved to Birchenough Bridge and then came here to Chipinge. I have never returned to Malawi since the mid-60s. I am prepared to have a DNA test done so that the truth is known by all."

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