It is already well known that masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer in men, now a German study has found it also boosts the immune system. According to the study, which is available on Pubmed, the investigators got 11 male volunteers to masturbate until orgasm, and to perform a control activity that didn't involve any sex at all.

Sexual arousal and orgasm induce an increase in sympathetic activity as well as in catecholamine and prolactin plasma concentrations. However, the effects of sexual arousal and orgasm on immune functions in man are unknown. Thus, this study investigated the effects of masturbation-induced orgasm on lymphocyte circulation and cytokine production in healthy young males.

In a crossover design, 11 volunteers completed an experimental condition in which they were asked to masturbate until orgasm and to participate in a control condition without sexual activity. Blood was drawn continuously for determination of endocrine parameters. In addition, leukocyte and lymphocyte subsets were analyzed via flow cytometry, and the production of lipopolysaccharide-induced interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha was measured before and then 5 and 45 min after the orgasm.

The results confirmed transient increases in adrenaline and prolactin plasma concentrations. Sexual arousal and orgasm increased the absolute number of leukocytes, in particular natural killer cells (CD3-CD16+CD56+), in the peripheral blood. In contrast, T cell (CD3+) and B cell (CD3-CD20+) subpopulations as well as the production of interleukin 6 and tumor necrosins factor alpha remained unaffected by sexual activity.

These findings demonstrate that components of the innate immune system are activated by sexual arousal and orgasm. - Pubmed



Hacha Ndizvo
0#Hacha Ndizvo2014-09-02 16:34
I hope this will not provide solace to perverts who use their hands in place of a woman
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0#vassyvybes2014-09-02 20:31
kkkk bettr 2 die nemuzvezve pane kuita hama maoko
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0#mynameis2014-09-03 05:47
Ah hazvizizvo zvakanguri zvabuda paMasters of Sex season 1?
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-1#rmunemo2014-09-03 08:24
on top of that, hama mawoko (masturbation) is the safest in terms of sexually transmitted diseases.
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0#ddxd2015-01-23 10:39
Guys masturbation is the best, no STIs, no unplanned pregnancies, stress free, any time is tea time! haabig up bonyoraa!!!
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0#selele2015-01-23 11:49
musade kuwanza chivanhu nechipostori zvemangamanga. Science is talking and proving your "socially conditioned" brains wrong. They are not saying you should do it but just demonstrating to you what it does.

In short, IF you don't have access to clean healthy women and youstill want to enjoy the "fringe benefits" of intercourse, there is an option.
Kana muchiti makadzidza I'm sure you got it.
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0#rmunemo2015-01-23 12:24
the safest
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