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When it comes to se.x, there are certain concerns most of us have. Sure, men and women are different in a lot of other instances, but our se.x fears are actually pretty similar.

A survey has revealed the top 10 most common fears women have about se.x. Here are the top ten things Women fear the most when it comes to se.x.

1. Your partner won’t want to wear a c0nd0m
2. Your partner has an STI
3. The c0ndom will break/se.x will result in unintended pregnancy
4. Your partner will find your na_ked body unattractive

5. Your partner will not take “no” for an answer
6. Your partner will want to do something
7. An embarrassing bodily function will occur during se.x
8. Your partner won’t have an 0rga.sm or be satisfied
9. You won’t have an 0rga.sm or be satisfied
10. You are bad at se.x

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