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Hi I'm 29 years old, I've been with my partner for 17 years we have 2 boys together ages 3&5. We are not married, when I was 19 I did a very bad thing i slept with my brother in law. I don't know why exactly maybe it was because I was drunk & also i felt alone.

My partner Never spend time with me. Honestly he always left me alone. So I would go & hang out with my family who till this day drink every weekend without missing a beat.

Well his brother was always there b/c @the time he was dating my cousin. I know it sounds bad but its something i will regret for the rest of my life.

Well we had se_x 3 times on 3 different occasions. I felt disgusted the last time We had se_x because i was sober the other 2 times i was drunk so i guess i didn't care.

So i went on living with this keeping it a secret from my partner.

Gosh i love him so much & wish i could take it back. Well he just recently found out about this thanks to a friend that i thought was a friend but I'm glad it came out because i couldn't take the guilt any longer.

So about 6 month ago he found out & he's been heart broken ever since. I even took a lie detector test to prove that it happen that long ago & that it only happen 3 times & that i didn't cheat with no one else. But that didn't work because no matter what he's really hurt.

His family & mine all know about it. My mother in law still loves me because she accepts that it happen in the past. But my partner can't handle this much pain & its really affecting my boys.

I don't know if we should move on or separate. He can't let it go. I think maybe therapy would help. I just don't understand why i did it in the first place. But it happened 10 years ago & i was 19 i know it didn't justify it but i was young.

I'm 29 now with two beautiful Kids & i love my partner very much. Also he admitted to me that about 3 years ago he had an affair that lasted for 2 years.

We are broken & wish we could fix out it. But he can't let it go what should we do.

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