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ZBC I note with interest the contents of the recent Constitutional Court judgment entitling you to the payment of license fees effectively from every member of the public. I respect the court's judgment but disagree with it (as I am entitled to do). That's something I will take up in the appropriate forum - but for now, I have a few words for you.

Your content is deplorable, outdated, biased and of exceptionally low quality - including as it does cartoons from the eighties, news reports riddled with spelling mistakes and - barring one or two - programmes nobody has any intention to watch, even if they were paid to do so. People prefer to pay upwards of $80 a month to watch DSTv - including your own management and employees who can afford it.

It's time for you to introspect and ask why people refuse to pay any form of tax or licensing fees to you. It's because you suck - in every respect imaginable. You are biased. Knowing full well that there was something big going on during Pastor E's remand hearing, you reported on extraneous drivel that does not resonate with anyone. You ignored the stay away. You ignore this flag. You ignore hunger, injustice, poverty and corruption. You have no content that would be even remotely interesting to the general populace. You are not for the people but against them. If this improved, believe me - I'd be the first to pay for
my license. People who cannot afford DSTV would much rather buy pirated movies and other material off the street than watch ZBC.

As things currently stand, why should I pay a cent of my hard-earned cash to you? Why not get funding from those who decide your content and whose agenda you so ably support?

You will have to sue me for that $30 before I pay it. I say that knowing that the cost you will have to pay for issuing and serving the summons is far more than $30. I am prepared to fight the claim using every defence at my disposable and if I lose, you will have spent so much money fighting the legal battle, I will feel some sort of retribution - and only when the deputy sheriff is at my doorstep two years later, will I pay the $30. I am prepared to pay a fine if you choose to go the criminal route - even if that fine is more than $30.

It's the principle - you can't abuse people and simultaneously expect people to pay for such abuse. Enjoy trying to enforce the law by the way - especially in respect of gadgets I own that are capable of receiving your signals - but which you will never see.

Thank you. Bye. Advocate Fadzayi Mahere via Facebook

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