'Plane' crashing near Airport (WATCH VIDEO) In April last year, the then 26 year old founder of the Word Embassy church in Zimbabwe, Prophet Erasmus Joseph, claimed God has told that there shall be a fatal crash of an aeroplane which will result in the loss of all lives aboard.

A video which has gone viral on social networks WhatsApp and Facebook. Titled 'Plane Crash in Southern Africa' the video starts with an 'aeroplane' flying slowly as it 'prepares' to land. The 9 second video ends with the plane crashing onto a tree, much to the disappointment of anxious social network users who would be so keen to watch the plane crashing.

Meanwhile, Prophet Erasmas' "prediction" is yet to pass and it's been over 18 months now.

"Last service God told me that there is going to be a plane crash in Southern Africa. I saw the plane coming from the Central African region going to Southern Africa. I don’t have a specific date when it is happening but God told me that this shall happen at such a time when people are not even expecting it. But I am still asking God to show me the exact date when this will take place and the exact country so that the African country may be warned," the self-styled prophet said supposedly in a bid to attract prophecy-loving Christians.



0#Naome2014-11-09 12:39
And then what?.What comes next?
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0#GUNZZ2014-11-09 12:59
what nonsense is this
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0#fidza2014-11-09 16:29
Aya maporofita aya akutinetsa manje coz zvava kungo porofita ndezvemari chete ndege,zim ecnmy,zim prsdnt what's going on this so called profets makureva here kuti varombo havacha porofitwe kuti vagovawo vapfumi zvese zvamakungo porofita ndezve mari ummmmmmmmm jesu huyai aya ndoma zuva ekupedzisira sure
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+1#fafman2014-11-09 16:36
nhaiwe myzim, pavideo apa yawati iripo....ndasha ya neremuromo.kana dziri mbanje dzaunorova dzakaoma
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0#Gumbura2014-11-09 18:48
Mave kutamba nepfungwa dzedu manje! Kuti toy plane kuti real plane here? Ndatovhunduka kuti paHarare International Airport patoita disaster. Kwanai mhani, moda kushurudzira kuti ndege yaDGM naRGM idonhe here?
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+2#Lodza2014-11-09 19:01
My Zim usanyebere vanhu.. kana paine anoda vid yacho. Nyora number nditumire...chi toy chakagadzirwa nema Aeronautical engeneering students eku NUAA china.. I now doubt ur news credibility man
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0#Bruno2014-11-10 11:20
Its a false prophet who is trying to attract fools followers.
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0#natsatz2014-11-16 18:38
ndosaka mbanje dzichisungisa
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