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Families eligible to take over the Mpakwa headmanship have escalated their fight against Clemence Munyika who is the acting Chief Mpakwa accusing him of impregnating his sister's daughter.

Solomon Munyika who was chosen to represent the contenting families alleged that Mpakwa impregnated his niece Linnet Sarah Musunga who is a daughter to Chief Mpakwa's sister Esther Munyika.

When asked for comment, Mpakwa said such issues were family matters that should never be brought into the public domain.

"I am surprised that when you have a family dispute some people rush to the newsroom with sensitive issues that should be discussed as a family and not in the newspapers," said Chief Mpakwa.

Linnet could not be reached for comment as her mobile number was not reachable.

Feuding family members have approached the provincial Administrator, Felix Chikovo and told him that Munyika was not fit to be an acting head because of that alleged crime and several others which they were laying against him. Chikovo is understood to have referred the matter back to the acting district administrator for Bikita, Innocent Matungwina and Njodzi Govo the current Chief Mkanganwi.

The family members also cited the pending rape case against Munyika as the other reason why he cannot be an acting Chief. The three families eligible for the headmanship include Zinyemba, Dungu and Burawapura. In their petition, the families complained that Clemence abused his position in violation of their customs, values and tradition of the royal family, impregnating a niece who gave birth to his ten-year-old daughter in 2004.

Solomon Munyika who was chosen by the three families to represent them as the acting chief said it was taboo in Shona culture for a man to impregnate his niece.

"This is unheard of in our Shona culture that a man can impregnate his niece. More so if you are of a royal family because people will expect you to uphold cultural values," said Solomon Munyika.

Headman Mpakwa was arrested last year and charged with rape and the matter is still pending at the courts.

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