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Now confirmed Emmerson Mnangagwa will challenge Mujuru for the Vice President post at the party's elective congress in December. Mnangagwa said to be having political machinery in place, to garner support from most of the country's ten provinces. Should tragedy in any form hit Mugabe and his government, Mnangagwa's backers are likely to push for his enthronement via the military aided backdoor.

COLOGNE-Zimbabwe's Vice President, Joice Mujuru, has received a final knock-out political punch from her growing list of Zanu PF rivals, in the last key moments fight to succeed President Robert Mugabe, thereby effectively spelling an end, to her bid for the top post in the land, The Telescope News has reported.

Mujuru's sworn enemies believed to be aligned to justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and a hitherto discreet but dangerous group inside the party consisting of military elements, is alleged to have renewed a campaign to have the most powerful woman in Zimbabwe, forcibly retired from politics, for allegedly being linked to the intelligence services of Washington and London, which they suspect started plotting to dislodge Mugabe some 10 years ago, after Mujuru sailed through as VP.

Interestingly former soldiers, who have now packed the Zanu PF Commissariat department, initially were thought to be biased in favour of Mujuru, and could have been pressured to switch their allegiance, due to the fast changing developments taking place in the party. The Commissariat is all now but militarised, and is run by retired Air Vice-Marshal Henry Muchena, together with a sizeable number of current and former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives. A key Mujuru ally, Webster Shamu, in practice must be in charge of the department, since he is the incumbent party Secretary for the Commissariat. However information from Zanu PF insiders, suggests that Shamu's powers and influence has been whittled down by this group, now known in the closet as the "military faction" according to details supplied to us this week.

The equally dreaded Military Intelligence Unit (MIU) is said to have deployed officers to the Commissariat who gather up crucial information of party activities, and implement some directives from the Joint Operations Command (JOC), under Mugabe's nose.

Mugabe we gather has been infuriated by the new revelations around Mujuru, which he was reportedly briefed on, while in China last week, including reports that the Mujuru faction members wanted to relegate his wife out of the capital city, and confine her to Mazowe politically.    

It never rains, but pours for the presidium heavyweight, as the Women's League, which leapfrogged her to becoming Mugabe's deputy in 2004, is reportedly calling for "disciplinary measures" to be taken against her for failure to "openly endorse" Grace Mugabe as the new boss of the league. The First Lady herself is believed to have already lobbied Mugabe to do away with Mujuru, because of lack of trust and the perceived threat of Mujuru, possibly turning her guns against her, if she attains full powers to run the country. Grace recently stunned party officials, when she claimed in apparent reference to Mujuru that: "There are people who want to drag me against a tarred road." Grace warned her foes that they are playing with fire.

"You can be rest assured that Amai Mujuru is finished," said a Zanu PF information specialist working at the party's headquarters in Harare. "There is a faction that has used state intelligence to dig up all her movements since becoming vice president, and the classified dossier which is in Mugabe's hands is very damning. There are many issues raised by the dossier, such as her alleged relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the States, and the Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6) in Britain. There is also the issue of WikiLeaks cables confirming this connection, as Mujuru and some of her close aides have met with diplomats, in the past to discuss sensitive political matter on home soil."

The party information official said there was another damaging report, highlighting the wealth accumulated by the Mujuru's since Independence, from diamonds, gold, export businesses, real estate to banking and suspicious investments in Europe.

Things could have turned nasty for the Mujurus, following disclosures that their key aides Tirivanhu Mudariki and legislator David Butau, held private meetings with officials from the United States embassy in Harare in 2007, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks. The anti-spy website also revealed that the late General Mujuru, was the mastermind of former finance minister, Simba Makoni's Mavambo party, in an attempt to force Mugabe out at the ballot.

Butau held a meeting in May 2007, with former US Ambassador Christopher Dell, who wrote: "David Butau, Zanu PF MP and member of the faction allied to ex-military commander Solomon Mujuru, (told us) on May 31 that Mujuru had determined that the time to unseat President Robert Mugabe was now.

"Mujuru had flexed his muscle and wrested control of the party structures in Masvingo and Bulawayo, and his subordinates had begun to chip away at Mugabe's key backers. Butau added that while pressure on Mugabe was needed, the USG needed to quietly weigh into this intra-party battle to help block Mugabe's bid for another term."

The VP herself was to meet, another former US diplomat Charles Ray in an exclusive meeting on the outskirts of Harare on 16 December 2009.

Senior Mujuru allies yesterday dismissed our report, and vowed to expose and name Mnangagwa faction players, they believe are supplying the information to the media.

"This craziness will soon be over come December. Akuudza kuti Vice President wakundwa ndiani? (Who told you that the Vice President has already been defeated?) She is a fighter, and will come out a stronger leader. Prepare to address her soon as ‘Madam President'. Ndapedzerana newe (I'm done talking to you).

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