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A Gokwe woman became a subject of shame after she engaged in sex with her son-in-law last week and was caught red-handed.

The woman, Erina Zhou, 40, and her businessman son-in-law, Tsiku Usiku, 51, who both reside in Madhau village, appeared before Chief Nemangwe charged with committing an abomination.

Confirming the report, Chief Nemangwe said the two had probably been having sex for some time.

"The two must have been engaging in these denigrating activities for a while before their luck ran out last week. Last week, Erina left home in the evening pretending she was going to fetch water while in actual fact she was going to meet Usiku. The two met at one of Usiku's shops which they had turned into a love nest and proceeded to engage in sex," said Chief Nemangwe.

The chief said Usiku's wife, Tsitsi Zhou, decided to go to the shop to consult her husband after their child was suddenly taken ill.

Upon entering the shop, Tsitsi got the shock of her life as she came face to face with her mother and husband engaging in sex.

Chief Nemangwe said the distraught Tsitsi immediately went to lodge a complaint with the village head, Masakadza. However, the village demanded two goats from the adulterous couple.

"Village head Masakadza demanded two goats for the offence but a person who witnessed the corrupt transaction quickly informed my court. Masakadza has been suspended pending investigations," he said.

Chief Nemangwe said he fined the two a goat and two beasts.

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