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In a shocking story just in, PHD Leader, Prophet Walter Magaya is said to have written a letter to his rival, UFIC Founder and leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.
This comes hot on the heels of another story doing the rounds on social media, in which the PHD Leader is said to have been plotting to “kill” Prophet Makandiwa, who he is said to see as his rival in the prophetic and prosperity gospel arena.
The news was delivered to our team by a “PHD Insider”, who claimed to be privy to the finer details on the “holy war” between the two prophets.
The source said that Magaya decided to apologise after his many “provocations” and attempts at reaching out to Makandiwa had fallen on deaf ears, as the UFIC Leader never responded. Prophet Makandiwa is famed for being extremely media shy, as he never grants interviews, nor market himself through the media. Makandiwa’s stance on media appearances is in stark contrast to that of Magaya, who seems to go to great lengths just to appear in the media, according to our source.
The Phd leader also sponsors daily 5 minute PHD testimonials during prime time broadcasting on major radio stations as well as having his all night prayers beemed live on national TV. Makandiwa’s silence, according to our source, has resulted in Magaya proffering an apology, “for what may appear to be provocative statements by himself and his spokesmen, that have been interpreted as being aimed at prophet Makandiwa.”
Our source says that the only time that anyone linked to UFIC seemed to respond to the PHD potshots was when the 9yr old church’s spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufakunesu issued a press statement distancing the church (UFIC) and prophet Makandiwa from an advert that was run in a local daily by a person claiming to be “a sin of prophet Makandiwa,” congratulation the clergyman for coming third on the list of “the most influential Zimbabweans under 40yrs of age.”
The controversial list, whose merit or criteria for selection is unknown, is compiled by a shadowy UK based individual who calls his organisation Gorindemabwe.
It turned out that after an investigation by UFIC officials and the local daily, the man who had placed the “congratulatory advert” was infact a full PHD member who is responsible for all their graphic designing.
This is said to have greatly embarrassed Magaya, as it laid bare “his plan to sublimely ridicule Makandiwa,” as he, Magaya, had topped the list for the second year running. This is what our source says led Magaya to writing a letter of apology.

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