Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Management Walter Mzembi has accused Masvingo State Minister Shuvai Ben Mahofa of spearheading factionalism adding she must apologise to First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Mzembi blasted the embattled bedridden state minister saying she was behind all the attacks and plots against Mrs Mugabe in the province. Mahofa (who is seriously ill following a food poisoning incident last month) is yet to officially report for duty at Benjamin Burombo Building.

She is in the vortex of a storm after declaring Grace Mugabe was too junior to replace her husband Robert, and stands accused of distributing land to members of her faction while blocking perceived rivals.

Ironically last year Mahofa blocked Mzembi from grabbing a poultry project, causing animosity between the two Zanu PF heavyweights.

“Mahofa is causing factionalism in Masvingo province and remember even the First Lady used to adore her but she has changed her mind,” said Mzembi.

 He continued, “People used to view Mahofa as a saint but now everyone sees her glaring shortcomings. She is fanning factionalism and there is a political godfather she seeks to please. She distributes lands on factional basis- which is very unfortunate. Just one year in the office everyone now sees her true colours .The only honourable thing is for her to apologise(to Grace) for her actions before it is too late.”

Mzembi said Mahofa would not last another year in the office because of gross incompetency.

However investigations by our source revealed that Mzembi’s utterances have all but confirmed Grace’s manoeuvre to kick out the embattled Mahofa out of office.

Mahofa was under probe after Mrs Mugabe personally ordered the CIO to compile a daming report against the state minister.

Mzembi said he did not belong to any political faction in the province charging he was loyal only to Mugabe.

The man is however reportedly linked to the G40 faction keen to catapult Mrs Mugabe to the presidency.




0#Azog2016-01-21 10:51
...enter Tongai Muzenda
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muvhitori u
+1#muvhitori u2016-02-29 07:11
Mahofa is stupid and has always been since independence. She came and ordered a rally in my district where she also come from and berated all the oldmen with whirehair as if they were her kids. Years later she came back asking the same whitehead grandparent to come and join her on her son's wedding but on condition...i refused.
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+1#Philosopher2016-03-21 13:49
All Zanuids are stupid
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