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SOME local artistes feel let down by contemporary musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave who they say overreacted and failed to utilise the hype generated by Internet memes of her pose.

Over the past week, Fungisai now known as Killer F or Ras Fungi expressed her dismay over photos of her pose which went viral on social media networking sites. She attacked those who were mocking her saying they were bullying her.

Responding to Fungisai’s cry, some artistes such as Hope Masike said the musician who recently made her mark in the Zim dancehall scene, should embrace the age of social media.

She said it was disappointing how some female artistes had to go the extra mile and pose semi-nude just for them to get exposure, yet Fungisai did not need to do all that to get attention.

“I thought it was good for Fungisai to have the whole of Zimbabwe talking about her. She has a great following and an increased number of people now know her.

“Other female celebrities have to pose half-naked to get such attention. She didn’t have to do that. I think people love you all the same dear! In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all, you did great!” posted Masike on her Facebook page.

“And like someone said, this is the time to take advantage and release something.”

While posting an image of herself mimicking Fungisai’s famous pose, Masike said Fungisai needed to consider introducing a trend called the Fungisai pose.

“Love her or hate her, she got all of us doing poses we never thought we’d do in this lifetime. I think she rocks! The ?#ýFungisaiPose? bay bay,” posted Masike.

Munya Bloggo on Facebook weighed in and said Fungisai failed to utilise the social media hype to get more fans.

“Fungisai missed the boat completely. Most people would’ve to pay top dollar to Thomas Chizhanje (or) Carl Joshua Tinodavanhu Ncube and everyone else to get their brand on their timelines. She got all that publicity for free.

“I think she could’ve owned the hype, owned that hash tag, printed T-shirts, dropped another track, booked more shows, made more public appearances increased her visibility, built a tribe of followers,” posted Bloggo.

He said Fungisai needed to know that she was not bullied in any way.

“Maybe some people did bully/insult her, but that wasn’t the intention of the memes. She’s looking at this from the wrong and limited perspective. Most Zimbabwean artistes complain that they’re not celebrated.

“But what they really want is to be celebrated the way they want to be celebrated in their heads. Well unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Social media is not part of the strategy. Social media is the strategy. Alienating your biggest fans on social media and calling them bullies is shooting yourself in the foot,” said Bloggo.

Prosper the Comic Pastor added his two cents to the whole debate with a video about the effects of cyber bulling.

Speaking in Ndebele, the comic pastor comically said cyber bullying was now out of control and a cause for concern.

“Cyber bullying is worrying for us pastors as it has become uncontrollable. Those who cyber bully others are the same as terrorists,” said the Comic Pastor.

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube who led many in creating and sharing Fungisai’s hilarious memes lashed out at those who were defending her cry that she was a victim of cyber bullying.

Ncube on Tuesday posted a picture of himself supposedly kicking Fungisai off stage with a caption: “So it’s ok for me to make fun of other celebrities, politicians, nationalities, white people, Morgan Tsvangirai.

“But when I make fun of some IDOL you worship I’m a cyber bully? That’s ok, at least I’m not like you a hypocrite! Get the f*** out of here,” fumed Ncube on his Facebook page.


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