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A GWERU man was on Monday night left dumbfounded after he allegedly discovered that his wife of four years had been "selling her body" for six months without his knowledge.

Miriam Dube (28) and Oscar Tafara (48) were allegedly caught red handed with pants down by Dube's husband Tatenda Nyika (32).

It is understood that Dube and Nyika both from Mkoba 2 who have been married for the past four years were having financial problems after which Dube decided to sell her forbidden fruit in exchange for money and groceries.

Nyika said his wife told him last year in November that she had found a new job as a bartender in town where she will be doing night duty.

Nyika said he was happy that they had finally got a source of income as they were not financially stable.

"My wife told me last year in November that she had found a new job and I was over the moon as we were struggling financially. I trusted her and I did not suspect anything until a close friend of mine told me that he saw her in town and her dressing depicted that of commercial sex workers. I kept hearing that from a lot of people then I decided to follow her with my friend to her workplace and I caught her red handed with another man," said the heartbroken Nyika.

Dube and her "customer" Tafara were severely assaulted by Nyika and his friend only identified as Mawere.

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