Pastor Evan Mawarire started the most subversive protest movement in Zimbabwe’s recent history by accident. He was fed up with the state of his nation, and decided to share his frustrations online. It turns out he’s not the only frustrated Zimbabwean.

In an in-depth interview, Mawarire tells the Daily Maverick why Zimbabwe is broken — and how citizens can start fixing it.

The day that he lost it, the day that he’d finally had enough, Mawarire was sitting at his

DEPOSITORS continue to face challenges accessing their cash, with most banks still experiencing long winding queues.A snap survey in Harare yesterday revealed that most banks were giving depositors a maximum of $200, while others did not have any cash at all to dispense to customers.

NewsDay visited Cabs First Street, where officials referred customers to their Central branch. When the crew arrived at Cabs Central, depositors were also standing in long queues.

One customer said: “I

CBZ Bank wants to attach the late Edgar Tekere's house over a &23 000 loan. The bank has taken the matter to the High Court demanding the money from
Tekere's estate.

The matter was heard before High Court judge Justice Felistus Chatukuta in chambers yesterday following summons issued by the bank, citing the estate’s executor, Ibbo Mandaza and the Master of the High Court as defendants.

In the declaration, the bank said the late Tekere was its customer operating account

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated President Mugabe on the occasion of Africa Day celebrations which are commemorated annually on May 25, to mark the formation of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25, 1963.

President Mugabe is the only surviving Head of State and Government who attended the formation of the OAU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

07:28 – The historic Million-Man March organised by the Zanu PF Youth League in solidarity with President Mugabe is now in

THE ruling Zanu PF party has been accused of disrupting educational activities around the country after ministers ordered schools to handover buses for the so-called ‘million-men march’ planned for Wednesday.

Party youths will march in Harare Wednesday in support of the 92-year-old President Robert Mugabe who was, over the past week, away in Singapore with his family following the birth of his grandson.

The demonstration appears to be a response to the recent jobs protest

PREPARATIONS for today’s Zanu PF youth league’s million-man march in Harare were yesterday reportedly in shambles, with organisers scrambling to mobilise resources for the event, while provinces were failing to meet their target of assembling 100 000 people each for the march.

This also came amid fears that the gathering could trigger a health hazard, as the capital normally experiences water shortages and has inadequate public ablution facilities.

Although Zanu PF officials

A school care taker was recently bust playing the ‘hide your sausage in my honeypot’game with a A level pupil. The married father of three, who happens to have a daughter in the same class as the girl he was having quality time with, is said to be in the habit of hooking up with school girls thrice his age.

Weeks leading to the event, some school kids reported that the man would buy a phone for his latest victim and would promise her a money, despite himself being a school

A bill that seeks to sanction foreigners who overstay the expiry date of their visas in the country, has been approved by the National Assembly.

The Immigration Amendment bill was presented on Thursday by home affairs committee chairperson Lemias Mashile.

The new amendments make it clear that foreigners who stay in the country past the expiry date of their visas will not qualify for a port of entry visa, a visa, admission into the Republic or a permanent residence permit during the

At 18 years of age he had already been recorded having se_x and become one of the youngest po_rn stars to emerge from the mother land but not by choice.

Circumstances forced the young lad to swallow the hard situation.

With hope and focus, he shrugged off the controversies to become a young film producer and he is raring to go.

H-Metro’s Latwell Nyangu (LN) caught up with the young film producer Tariro Percy Shumba (TS) who opened up on his bitter-sweet fairy-tale.

LN: Tell us

A FORM Four pupil at Njube High School in Bulawayo has been arraigned for allegedly raping three primary school girls.

The 16-year-old boy, whose name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, allegedly raped the minors aged 8, 10 and 11 years on three different occasions.

The court heard that the three girls, who are not related, all live in Njube suburb. The boy yesterday appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Themba Chimiso facing three counts of rape. He was not asked to plead and

The man knocked down by a kombi driver yesterday along with a Girls High pupil has died in hospital.

Form Four pupil Jocelyn Gomba (17) and 35-year-old Mr Odwell Mabanga were run over and dragged to death by one of the commuter omnibuses on Monday.

Mr Mabanga had sustained serious spinal injuries, but died yesterday at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. Police spokesperson Chief Superitendent Paul Nyathi yesterday said: “We have questioned the owner of the kombi, Albert Guyo of

The University of Zimbabwe says a recent report claiming that least 47% of students at the institution are HIV positive is nothing but gutter journalism.

UZ director for communications, Daniel Chihombori said the purported survey was done in 2010.

The report does not give the sample size (number of students, who volunteered for testing) in order to give the reader the real meaning of the research results. In misplaced excitement, the headline mistakenly gives currency to a study that was

GOVERNMENT has dismissed claims quail eggs have medicinal properties saying this was a marketing gimmick breeding the birds. The eggs have flooded the market with major supermarkets selling them for as much as $6 per crate of 12.

Stickers on the eggs read; “treat digestive tract disorder; helps with management of anaemia; known to help against tuberculosis, bronchial allergies, diabetes and vegetative-vascular dystonia; known to improve liver function; useful in management of arterial

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last Wednesday reportedly left Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere with egg on his face at a meeting with party provincial chairpersons, after he accused him of fuelling the chaos rocking the ruling party.

Impeccable sources told NewsDay yesterday that Mugabe called for the meeting, initially at the ruling party headquarters, before switching it to State House.

“Mugabe asked for a meeting with chairpersons that was organised by Kasukuwere to get a

A hospital employee is in trouble after he stole a wheelchair.

The Chivhu Hospital wheelchair was found at Tafara Muchena's house.

Muchena had hidden it under his bed. It was only found by someone he owed money who had gone to collect his debt.

The man was rummaging through Muchena's house trying to find goods of value when he stumbled on the wheelchair and blew the whistle.

However, Muchena who is employed as a general worker at the hospital disputed the allegations

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