Madzibaba Wimbo is furious with reports that he is being held against his will at a shrine.

“You reporters have been writing falsehoods, claiming that I am living in a toilet and that I can no-longer walk but crawl. Does this house look like a toilet? Do I look like I am in captivity? Vanhu imi munovirima,” he fumed at The Sunday Mail who had visited him. He said he left his home on his own will and was dedicated to serving his congregants at the shrine.

He even produced the

First lady, Grace Mugabe turned  51 yesterday and broke parastatals were stampeded into congratulating her in a 12-page supplement in her honour.

The supplement carries adverts from the struggling state-run firms. For the second year in a row, the First Lady was being given near-presidential treatment by Zimbabwe's state media.

Firms like the loss-making Air Zimbabwe have published full colour adverts in the /Herald'/s birthday supplement.

She is known to have travelled

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Dear Editor,

I read with dismay the nak*d lie that ZANU (PF) marched against stay aways. That was a lie!

On Wednesday the 20th of July people were told to go to the ZANU (PF) Harare Provincial Offices in Fourth Street to get some forms for residential stands regardless of one’s political affiliation.

At the provincial offices people were told to proceed to the national headquarters across town.

When people got there they were

MDC-T vice-president Ms Thokozani Khupe’s tenure in the post could end soon amid indications party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai is side lining her because she organised demonstrations and meetings without his blessings. Ms Khupe’s flopped #beatthepot demonstration a fortnight ago in Bulawayo, and another meeting in Mutare, were organised without Mr Tsvangirai’s consent as the opposition leader underwent cancer treatment in South Africa.

Believing his deputy was staking a

SELF-EXILED disc jockey and MDC-T aspiring legislator for Mbare Eric Knight has made headlines yet again. In his recent post on Facebook he wrote an ‘open note’ to all Zimbabwean celebrities and pointed out that he is ‘personally disappointed by the silent diplomacy’ that they are applying at this crucial moment.

A fan then responded to his post pointing out that charity begins at home as he mentioned that he should kindly speak to Seh Calaz who recently got engaged

VP Emmerson Mnangagwa says he has nothing to do with the bombshell war vets statement which he has described as nonsensical.

 “I watched ZBCtv (on Friday and learnt) that they made a statement, but I haven’t read it. If they said the President must resign, then that is nonsensical. If they are true war veterans, the President is their Commander-in-Chief and they must be loyal and committed. “I don’t think those who say such things are loyal or genuine war

Former military bigwig and ambassador, Brigadier Agrippah Mutambara, has become the latest erstwhile trusted aide of President Robert Mugabe to give the long­ruling Zimbabwean leader a vote of no confidence. The prominent war veteran also observed that Mugabe was running scared because of the growing public anger against him, as Zimbabwe’s economy continues to die due to Zanu PF’s misrule of the past 36 years.

“The president is frightened, the war veterans have deserted

Alfred Ndlovu has died from malnutrition after going without food for 30 days when he tried to emulate Jesus Christ and fast for 40 days and 40 nights. 44 year old Alfred Ndlovu left home on 17 June and headed into the bush to conduct prayers, redirecting his attention to God, away from things of the earth.

He was known by his family and community at large as a very spiritual person whose faith could move mountains and his death has puzzled those close to him and church members.

One close

STUNG by the war veterans’ unprecedented and hard-hitting criticism of President Robert Mugabe this week, the government has hit back at the “traitorous” ex-fighters and vowed to punish those behind the “treasonous” development.

National and provincial leaders of the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) met in Harare Thursday after which an unsigned communique was issued savaging Mugabe’s rule and declaring that the former fighters were

A married pastor was shamed when his married small house stormed his church and caused a scene.

Pastor Joseph Ngapasare, 34, was forced to abandon playing keyboards during praise and worship in Glen View after his pregnant lover Talent Zunzanyika showed up.
Pastor Joseph sneaked out of the congregation and invited Talent for talks which lasted nearly three hours.

Talent confirmed her adulterous affair with Pastor Joseph saying her husband was centrally locked by his concubine for the

Child hunger and deaths are rising in Zimbabwe due to the worst drought in two decades, with thousands facing starvation by the end of the year without additional aid, an international charity said yesterday.

Southern Africa has been hard hit by drought over the past year exacerbated by El Nino, which has wilted crops, slowed economic growth and driven food prices higher.

"This is an emergency," Save the Children UK's interim chief executive Tanya Steele said after visiting

P-rostitutes have invaded ghettos where they now openly operate from street corners within the suburbs, a situation that has brought discomfort to married women who fear their men might be tempted as the p-rostitutes are within the vicinity.

The s-ex vendors, who collect their own lobola ‘fees’ on daily basis, most of them unemployed and desperate youths, have been forced to sell s-ex on the streets to earn a living, charging anything from $1 per each e-jaculation (round).

Mawarire is no saint

To the world, Evan Mawarire is a hero who stands up to Government, an upright man who represents the downtrodden. His touching story is that he is an honest hardworking Zimbabwean who struggled to raise school fees for his two daughters, leading him into action under the #ThisFlag, Mugabe Must Go Now cam- paign.

His emotional breakdown during an interview with Sky News made millions around the world empathise with this poor preacher.

At least that is the story that

I want to ask two sincere questions here and I am sorry if I am to step on anyone's toes. So, today we went to Mbare where activist Lynda
Masarira appeared before the magistrate.

Linda Masarira is a solid activist whose record speaks for itself. She is one of the very few women we spent several nights with during our 16 days of occupation before our eventual arrest. She carries the scars of the struggle.

My first question goes to the lawyers, the Christian community, the media and

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai’s decision to appoint two additional Vice-Presidents — which has sparked accusations of regionalism, tribalism and phallocracy or gender bias — was motivated by the veteran opposition leader’s lack of confidence in his long-serving deputy Thokozani Khupe, it has emerged. He also feared that his deputy had ambitions of taking over the party’s leadership and was working against him, among other reasons, insiders said.

This comes

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