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Zimbabweans have reacted with shock to the murder of a Zimbabwean woman, Gillian Zvomuya by her husband in Birmingham, UK.

She was stabbed by her husband in a car outside Lidl supermarket yesterday morning. Detectives are waiting to question her husband, 42, on suspicion of murder after he was found sitting next to her body in the car. He is currently in hospital.

Officers were searching for the couple after they were reported missing from their home in Quinton by friends at 2am when they found her in the car.

Summer Rose said : “This is just the saddest news! Gillian Zvomuya here veduwe? My heart is so broken. Why is this happening so much in our Zimbabwean community? Why are women being murdered by husbands and

boyfriends? Just Why veduwe? Rest in peace mumwe wangu. This is just too close to home for me. A lot of women are suffering domestic abuse in silence for fear of being judged. Who is going to protect us when the very people we trust with our lives are the ones killing us? Toita sei?

Another said : “Man out there please musatinyadzisawozve musarova vakadzi kana kuuraya chaiko munotinyangadzireiko??? Kana zvanetsa too much buda pamba.. Hapana anokuforcer at all live the place and start over again.. I was particularly hurt with the death of Gillian Zvomuya.. I went to high school with her brother who also died last year in October.. musadaro kani varume tonyarirepi diko rwendo rwuno…

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