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ZIMBABWE’s ambassador to Ghana, Pavelyn Tendai Musaka, who is also the dean of the diplomatic corps in West Africa, is so embarrassed of her official vehicle (Peugeot 504) that she routinely hides it when she attends public gatherings.

This is according to a report by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Peugeot 504 and 404 were popular in Zimbabwe in the 1980’s and were used mainly as emergency taxis.

Most of Zimbabwe’s diplomatic missions are facing evictions from offices they are renting in foreign lands.

“In the field of diplomacy, courtesy requires that as dean when diplomats have official meetings and a gathering our diplomat is expected to leave the event first but because of the battered car, a Peugeot 504, which has seen better days, our diplomat, in most cases, is the last one to leave the venue as a way of avoiding embarrassment,” said the report which was recently presented by the committee to the speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda.

According to the report “these are just” a few real incidences which the country’s ambassadors were subjected to during the course of their work.

The committee said Foreign affairs permanent secretary, Ambassador Joey Bimha, told them that the ministry was in a quandary state.

“These are some of the harrowing stories that as a committee, policy makers and above all as Zimbabweans, we find profoundly dispiriting and disenchanting. We think we can do better than this as a nation,” said the report.

“Our image is at stake and we should do all that it takes to spruce up our image by allocating resources to this strategic Ministry which we all agree is the face of the country.”

The Foreign Affairs ministry has an outstanding rental bill of $7 million, it carried over from 2016.

There have been reports that some diplomats were being sued for failure to pay rentals.

Early this week, Newzimbabwe reported that Zimbabwe’s envoy in Paris, France had to use her Namibian colleague’s car to drive home after hers had failed to start.

Source-New Zimbabwe

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