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A 71-year-old Shurugwi man is under fire for bedding wives of young men in the area. The first publicly known victim of Norman Chiduku is one Simon Guruve, 36, who walked in on the old man having se_x with his wife only identified as MaSibanda. The sleek Chiduku is said to have left a funeral in the community under the pretext of going home. Instead, he headed to his lover MaSibanda’s place. However, Guruve came home unexpectedly purportedly from Masvingo in the dead of the night.

Guruve told B-Metro of what he came across in his own bedroom.

“I heard noises when I approached the bedroom hut and I immediately knew my wife was having se_x with another man. It didn’t cross my mind that it could be Chiduku even though I know he has a record of sleeping with married women,” he said.

In a fit of rage Guruve tied the old man’s feet and hands then bashed him severely before calling other villagers.

“I’m hurt and disgusted. That’s the least I expected from my wife to be honest. I never thought she would do that, especially with an old man. I can’t believe my wife would sleep with someone old enough to be her grandfather,” said Guruve.

A villager who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that the old man had been seen in compromising positions with young married women in bushes and at a nearby dam. The village head, Kudakwashe Msara, said Chiduku’s behaviour was not acceptable and he should be disciplined.

“This behaviour will not go unpunished. It’s a disgrace especially coming from an elderly man. We will not tolerate such in this village,” said Msara. When Chiduku was confronted about the issue he refused to comment.

Source-B metro

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