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Talent Mudzamiri (46) from Matanga village in Mberengwa collapsed to his death while attending a neighbour, Eunice Sigauke’s funeral wake.

Mudzamiri had travelled to his rural home from Masvingo where he stays with his wife and three children.

“He collapsed during body viewing. He hit his head badly on the ground and bled through the nose and ears. We thought that he had fainted so we called an ambulance to ferry him to the nearby clinic. Unfortunately, the ambulance crew pronounced him dead when they arrived on the scene,” said Chiwengwa, a source from the area.

Tawona Marufu, uncle to the deceased, said the family was battling to come to terms with the shocking death.

“It took us by surprise. He was not feeling well but we never expected that he would die in such a way leaving his wife pregnant,” said Marufu.

Mourners had to move next door after burying Sigauke.

Mudzamiri was laid to rest on Monday in the same village.

Source-B Metro

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