The car acquired by Denford Mutashu's wife - Memory Nomusa Ruvazhe - was paid for in April this year and arrived in Zimbabwe in June.

The car is actually a Toyota Mark X and NOT Mark II as claimed in Mutashu's court papers. Again, the total cost of the car, all expenses included, was US$7,000 and NOT US$10,000 as per Mutashu's claims.

While Nomusa met Prophet Magaya for the first time in June when she booked at the PHD guest house seeking help on her marriage problems, records show that a telegraphic transfer of US$3,150 was made at POSB's Harare Main Branch on 22 April 2014.

The bank transfer was made to the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Yokohama Eximae branch. The car was bought from SBT Japan whose physical address is Yokohama SIA Bldg, 7F, 2-10-36, Kita-Saiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan.

The US$3,150 transfer for the purchase of the car was done by one Cosmos Ziwande.

In an affidavit, Nomusa revealed that she only started going to PHD Ministries on 3 June this year. She was following her brother, Stephen Ruvazhe and also recommendations from close friends as she sought solutions to her marriage. Nomusa is the third wife to Denford Mutashu who is also a manager at Food World Supermarket. Mutashu is currently married to three women (and still counting). He however, wedded Nomusa in January this year at the court.

"My brother had used anointing oil from Prophet Magaya and it worked well for my child," said Nomusa.

"I paid a total of US$7,000 for the car, the breakdown being US$3,200 for the importation of the car, US$2,600 for duty and US$1,200 for transportation of the car to Zimbabwe from the port," she said.



-1#njanji2014-08-21 10:33
Pabarika here kkkkk. Ndozvarinoita Mutashu wakazviita member nxaaaa
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+5#Grace2014-08-21 10:40
I tell you people if you base everything on what papers say you miss the point. I am speaking to those who started attacking the man of God based on articles that were in the press last week. This tells you what our media is made of. Why do they not get their fact right before publishing lies. You can never trust these papers. I tell you!!!
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+5#Chiko2014-08-21 10:44
Can these papers be trusted given that one day they work up reporting as if they have all the evidence about their stories and the next minute they change the story. If someone read the papers last week one would conclude this magaya is guilty but it seems there is a new twist to everything. Be careful what we conclude from these papers
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-1#JONSO2014-08-21 11:19
The problem lies on the Zimbabwean journalists. They investigate after publishing the story rather than vice versa. Vadzidzisei.
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0#muzimbo2014-08-22 08:09
the papers reported what was in the court papers when they were filed and of course they would show the defentant to be guilty coz he is not the one who filed them. so give them a break that was all the information available at the time. if they had not reported on this subsequent info then they would have to be blamed. as it is they did nothing wrong.
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0#Mtepha2014-08-21 11:48
Matengwaka nayeMagaya uyo
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0#Naome2014-08-21 11:59
If you want to know how the servants of God are attacked by the devil read Delivered from the powers of darkness by Emmanuel Eni.If you are a true man of God you will be persecuted zvekuti unogona kutiza church.Satan has a lot of agencies all over the world.Iye Magaya ndiye angakona ku akakwa akadii.The devil stops at nothing.Magaya ngaarege kuvapindura kana kupopotedzana navo. Ukavapopotera ndizvo zvavanoda. Just do the work of God and God will defend you.If he is a true man of God then those people are answerable to the King of Glory Himself.Ndizvo zvinoratidza kuti he is a man of God .Ndiyani akambotaura zvamapositori?N e kuda kwekuti ndeenhema hakuna anei navo.
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0#ike2014-08-21 12:42
Naome don't be over excited! !!!!! Mapistori adii. Nay a Nay Magaya the "prophet"
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0#ike2014-08-21 12:43
Nyaya ndeya Magaya the " prophet"
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0#maitahenyu2014-08-21 14:04
This manager now hides from his fellows who want to make him disappear so that the case is forgotten about. They have seen that they played a wrong game now Mutashu has to go so that no investigations can go any further. FW must fire him for putting their name into disrepute, now jobless, homeless since he is now living in a cave, wifeless because the other wives would not want to be associated with an idiot, shame.
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0#Chihera2014-08-21 16:15
Ngaanake mukadzi klklk
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0#Solo2014-08-21 17:13
Magaya acts through his bouncers, could the journalist cross-check if the buyer is in Magaya's circle of associates.
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+2#bernard2014-08-21 21:19
Please educate me, I understand that chapter 5.11 does not allow more than one wife .How did this guy do it to have three wives.
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+1#thembi2014-08-22 11:10
Karma is a tricky thing hey, uyu Nomusa is the 3rd wife and ndiye wamakachooser baba kunosigner naye kucourt which means she is the 1 you chose to be your true wife since chapter5:11 iriye 1man:1wife. kkkkkkk. the other wives must be paralysed nekuseka! Vanenge vanoshushawo baba ava.
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0#Sims2014-08-23 09:58
God punish you
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