A MARRIED Plumtree businessman stripped his girlfriend's colleague naked during a brawl which saw him get a beating for his conduct.

A 17-year-old juvenile and his father Darlington Mpofu (40) both appeared before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Gideon Ruvetsa facing charges of assaulting businessman Alwyin Kikkins (30).

The brawl took place at Valentine Saloon in Plumtree Town.

The pair denied the allegations and went on to explain that they were trying to defend their female colleague, Belinda Moyo, who was being assaulted by the complainant.

"I did not lay a hand on the complainant but as a matter of fact he is the one who was beating up people in the salon. He came in after we had closed and started assaulting Belinda following an argument over the phone.

"He ripped her blouse off during the assault leaving her in a bra which was uncalled for especially in a public place. I only intervened by pulling him away from my female colleague as I realised that he might hurt her badly," said Mpofu.

The juvenile told the court that he only beat up the complainant in a bid to defend himself. He said Kikkins attacked all the people who tried to restrain him.
"I punched Kikkins because he assaulted me first. I was trying to pull him out of the salon together with my father but instead he held me by the neck and started strangling me.

"The injuries that he sustained from the brawl came after he fell against a shelf which is in the salon and not because he was assaulted by us," he said.

The two accused persons told the court that they managed to push Kikkins out of the salon and from there he rushed to the police station claiming that he had been assaulted.

On the day of the incident the complainant called on Moyo's cellphone asking to talk to his girlfriend, Splendour Nleya, who also works at the salon. Moyo's response did not please Kikkins who then drove to the salon where he confronted Moyo.

Prosecuting, Ms Jane Phiri said the incident occurred on 18 June about 8pm.
Plumtree magistrate Mr Gideon Ruvetsa remanded the accused persons to 28 July for continuation of trial.

Kikkins was recently in court for assaulting his wife, Nokuthula Lusinga, who is a police officer with a baton stick and a cooking stick. During the assault he detained his wife for three hours and ordered her to compile a list of 20 men she had slept with. He was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

Kikkins manages properties and buildings in the town.

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