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STEALING in Tsholotsho can be very dangerous because at times residents prefer to mete out instant justice, a video that has gone viral on social media demonstrates.

In the video, which was shot last week, villagers of Tshefunye under Chief Ndume, are captured meting out mob justice on a youth who allegedly robbed and axed a 55-year-old man.

While the alleged robber is being beaten, a group of male villagers can be heard shouting that the hapless man should be castrated.

He is interrogated on how they carried out the allegedly robbery.

The news crew managed to track Mr Mqondisi Nkomo, the alleged robber-turned-mob-victim. He confessed that he was part of a gang that robbed an elderly man from the same village.

"They were beating me because we robbed and axed an elderly man," Mr Nkomo said.

On the video, a man carrying a knobkerrie orders Nkomo to open his legs so that he can hit his privates. He is then dragged to a nearby tree where four men suspend him by pulling his hands and feet against the tree. Thereafter, a mob lashes him with whips on the back.

Nkomo screams and begs for mercy to no avail.

"Forgive me please forgive me please," he is heard crying.

He eventually manages to wriggle until he falls to the ground. Once on the ground, the mob hits him with knobkerries, kicks on the head and stamps on his hands.

His mother, who spoke to our reporter, said the community had no right to take justice into their hands and said they would soon open a case with the police against the alleged perpetrators.

"His whole body is covered in sores and water oozes from his ears. I suspect that his brain might be damaged. Even though he committed a wrong, the community should have handed him over to the police because as things stand now, he might die due to the beatings," said the mother who only identified herself as Mrs Nkomo.

She said her son had been treated at Tshefunye Clinic before being referred to Tsholotsho District Hospital.

Matabeleland North police could not be reached for comment.

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