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MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his party have resolved to stop efforts at dialogue with Zanu PF and not to participate in any election, including by-elections, until electoral and other reforms are implemented.

Mr Tsvangirai was addressing journalists in a briefing in the capital at the party's Harvest House headquarters on Friday.

Tsvangirai, who has on previous occasions denied that he wants to usher his party into government through the back door by proposing another inclusive government, insisted that the July 31 2013 elections were a fraud.

He also made a bold statement to President Robert Mugabe that his party and its followers are willing to die for their beliefs.

"We tried our best by calling for national dialogue, a suggestion that has been spurned. Our quest for dialogue was never motivated by what some have alleged to be our wish to go back into the comforts of government, but by a genuine patriotic wish to see the country's crisis resolved.  We in the MDC shall no longer watch as the situation continues to slide...," he said.

Tsvangirai has denied intentions to get back in government, but insisted that he wants to see a process of negotiations that will involve his party.

However, analysts say the MDC-T is trying to save face as it is clearly on the brink of collapse following intra-party violence and the subsequent split with members of Tendai Biti's Renewal Team dealing the last blow on the party.

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