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THE wife of presidential spokesman George Charamba has died, the information ministry confirmed Sunday.

Charamba doubles as President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman and permanent secretary for the information ministry. Sources said his wife had been admitted to in intensive care at a private Harare hospital, having been unwell for some time.
The Information Ministry confirmed her passing in a brief statement Sunday.

"Presidential spokesperson and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Cde George Charamba has lost his wife, Mrs  Charamba today (Sunday) at West End Clinic. Mourners are gathered at no Number 2 Helson Road, Alexander Park in Harare," the ministry said.

Mrs Charamba first broke headlines in 2015 when she reported her husband, George Charamba, for domestic violence.

On the 24th February 2005 Charamba who has a black belt in Karate reportedly battered his wife Rudo after she accused him of infecting her with the deadly HIV virus that causes AIDS. Close associates said the beating was an attempt to kill her. Not only did he severely beat up Rudo but he also went on to beat up her baby.

Although Charamba was arrested for the savage assault, his boss President Mugabe directed police commissioner Augustine Chihuri to see to it that the case was dropped. The official spin put on the matter was that Rudo Charamba had withdrawn the charges. Charamba’s lawyer then was Johannes Tomana, former Zimbabwe’s Attorney General.

Weeping uncontrollably Rudo confronted Charamba asking why he had brought the disease into their marriage. Charamba went into a rage beating her until she fell unconscious. Rudo was taken to a local hospital, bleeding profusely. Her friends rushed to report the matter at Borrowdale Police Station and also kept her blood stained dress as evidence.

Several women’s groups took up the case and signed affidavits supporting Rudo, but the case never got anywhere. Family friends described Charamba as a "heavy and reckless womaniser who turns into a monster and bully at home". He also has a well known record of "picking up prostitutes in Harare's avenues" they said.

Confirmation of what happened was to come later when George Charamba penned an article personally attacking Jonathan Moyo. A furious Moyo responded by dishing out Charamba’s dirty linen in public. He wrote an article in which he said"

"Zimbabweans would be told many things about everything, including how Charamba has attempted to murder his wife in cold blood and how that attempted murder has been covered up.  And the disgusting bloody evidence would be given because it is available. This is not a threat but a promise."

in 2010 several newspapers reported that Rudo Charamba wrote a letter to the Swedish Ambassador Sten Rylander, pleading to be removed from the European Union targeted sanctions list. Rudo described herself as the former wife of George Charamba and claimed although they are not officially divorced they parted ways and have lived separately since 2004.

"I am still officially married to George only because I cannot afford to file for divorce. I am out of employment and I am not well. He left me at our home and he now lives with his second wife. I have remained quiet because I wanted to protect my children but I cannot continue to suffer like this," part of the letter read.

A year later in February Rudo’s wish was granted when she was one of 35 members of the Mugabe regime who had the targeted sanctions by the EU lifted.

Source: Swradioafrica/Nehanda Radio/New Zimbabwe

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