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LOCAL traditional healer Eddington Virimayi, popularly known as Samanyika, says he is overwhelmed by Bulawayo women seeking to have their virginity restored.

He said wives whose husbands are returning after years in the diaspora were his biggest clients.

"Believe it or not women are my major clients. They come for all sorts of issues. A common issue in relation to this particular topic is that of virginity restoration. There are certain herbs we use to restore the broken hymen, which if after penetration the woman will bleed and feel pain like it is her first sexual encounter," he said.

He also claimed to have successfully carried out a penis enlargement treatment on one of his clients.

Based in Bulawayo's Emakhandeni suburb, Samanyika has over the past couple of months been a much sought after entity, which has turned him into an overnight celebrity.

In an interview last Friday, Samanyika spoke about the process.

"This is actually not the first time I have carried out such a treatment. I once treated a soldier who complained about his manhood being too thin. What makes this particular one unique is the patient's size (that is the length) of the penis. When he first came to me seeking assistance, his manhood, when not erect, measured about 4cm but now it's a whooping 17cm. When it is erect it measures about 25cm," he said.

"My client first came to me in July seeking treatment, as he claimed to have had five marriages that had collapsed due to his size. I administered to him herbal medicines, which I prescribed him to take for a period of 28 days. Thereafter he was to take a raw egg to complete the course. However, my patient failed to follow instructions and his manhood grew to an abnormal size," he added.

Samanyika said his patient, 43-year-old Manzinde Chimanimani's manhood, after failing to follow instructions, measured about 20 centimetres.

"At the moment I am working on reducing the size of his manhood. Right now it measures 17 centimetres which is close to normal. The process is almost complete and I hope this time he will follow the instructions," said Samanyika.

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