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A man who discovered his wife was cheating on him with four men revealed the heartbreaking experience and said his wife just loves too much sex - with different men for that matter.

The wronged man, Nelson Mkandla, was even more heartbroken when he confronted one of his estranged wife Zinzi Mahlangu’s boyfriends; a police officer based at Queens Park Police Station who confessed that they were in love and had been meeting at one of the city lodges for their shenanigans.

The revelation was apparently the last straw to the couple’s marriage as they are now on separation.

"I dispute the allegations that I am physically abusing her. It is just a way of defending herself after I discovered that she has been cheating on me. What happened is that in June, the month she claimed was the latest incident when I assaulted her, I was at my rural home. When I came back that is when I discovered that she was involved in extra-marital affairs. After discovering that I didn’t beat her after she apologized and gave me her phone," said Mkandla.

He added: "While going through her phone I was shocked when I discovered that she was having an affair with four men, one of them a police officer based at Queens Park Police Station. I called some of the boyfriends and they apologized saying she had told them that we had separated. As for the police officer I went to his workplace after she denied that they were having an affair. She was embarrassed when the police officer revealed that they were in love and they used to meet at a lodge along 3rd Avenue".

Mkandla exposed his estranged wife’s shenanigans after she initially accused him of physically abusing her and threatening to kill her

"The respondent (Mkandla) is violent. He has beaten me up on several occasions. He is also verbally abusing and stalking me despite the fact that we are no longer staying together. He has also threatened to kill me if ever he meets me in town. On 14 June he beat me up at his place after he invited me there under the pretext of collecting my birth certificate and those of the children," said Mahlangu.

She appealed to the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova to grant her a protection order against Mkandla which compels him not to abuse her or come to her place.

Her prayers were answered when the magistrate ordered Mkandla not to physically assault her or visit her place.

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