A ZANU PF senator has claimed that Western countries are encouraging Zimbabwean males to be circumcised as a ploy to weaken them so they can take over their land and women.

Mashonaland West senator Mike Byton Musaka told the Senate on Tuesday that he was amazed by the amount of money splashed on advertising circumcision saying people can "always abstain from sex or use a condom".

According to the parliamentary Hansard, Musaka said circumcised men would become weak in bed and result in population decline.

He was debating on a motion moved by Matabeleland South senator Sithembile Mlotshwa calling for a ban on child circumcision.

"I am really shocked and amazed at the amount of money that is being spent on advertising this circumcision . . . you always abstain from sex or use a condom. This conspiracy by the Western imperialists who want to take over our land, coming up to maim our boy child, we are already few Mr President. Men are few in Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe. We only have 14 million," Musaka said.

"It was observed that we will have no soldiers. In fact, by actually maiming our boy child, we will have no one to fight the war. Because when you do that - to actually label the boy child a carrier of Aids, that is the insinuation here, he is an Aids threat and therefore, he must be circumcised." Musaka asked who would marry the women when all boys had been circumcised.

"It is them who want to take over the land and then the women. This is a ploy to make us fewer so that our population goes down. No wonder the President (Robert Mugabe) also; many people do not seem to understand it when he says he does not want ngochani (gays). It is because there are no children born of them. It is the same thing with these people who are advertising. What has he done? It is exactly the same here with the ngochanis who do not want (to father) children, but want to adopt them instead," he said.

In recent years, the government and health-inclined non-governmental organisations have been championing for male circumcision under the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision scheme, but have been failing to meet set targets every year.

Last year, Zimbabwe had targeted to circumcise at least 115 000 men, but only managed 112 869 circumcisions. In 2010, the target was 20 000 but 11 123 were circumcised.

In 2011 those circumcised were 36 742 against a target of 60 000 while in 2012 only 20 775 were circumcised against a target of 80 000.



+1#bie2014-08-28 09:13
wow where does this man come from,is he even educated ?it is scary that people who have such level of thinking are actual part of the country s leadership
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+4#Roell2014-08-28 09:41
I really wonder if at all this senator ever went to school. To present such an argument in parliament really is a mockery to the calibre of legislators that we have. Even vadhara havo drinking chikokiyana kundarhi will show understanding of basic science.
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+2#Reggae2014-08-28 09:47
No wonder how the government put uneducated people in leadership, Did he even go to xul?
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+2#maitahenyu2014-08-28 09:49
One thing I know is if you are circumcised it takes too long to ejaculate and you may dismount without ejaculating and most women want that ejaculation into them that makes them quite happy, but to say imperialist wants to take our women and land is craze and stupid.
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0#tsomo2014-08-28 12:15
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+1#JONSO2014-08-28 14:39
VaMugabe, President, isai information desk rinopepeta nhau dzisati dzataurwa nemaminister yenyu. Inzwai manje zvavari kutaura.
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counselor tendayi
+1#counselor tendayi2014-08-28 15:57
115 000 men, but only managed 112 869....ridiculo us analysis. How do you say ONLY when this is above 95% achievement. ONLY anoshandiswa pakaita sei nhai?
Nyaya yacho inenge yambotanga sei vachisiya kutaura about Beitbridge road yapedza vanhu and other developmental projects. MC is voluntary, wish this would be understood zvakakwana.
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0#Solo2014-08-28 17:52
Let's look it from the other side. I don't support ZANU PF. There have been deaths in hospital where medical doctors made mistakes. This publication once carried that story. Given that some died while being circumcised, it means circumcision isn't necessarily heaven. There are people who are using silicon implant to make bums, breasts and penises larger and the success rate is only 60%. Doctors speak statistics.

A vagina is a machine that converts chemical energy in the blood and stomach to kinetic energy. In simple terms the uncircumcised males should read a textbook titled "To have and To Hold" by Nancy van Pelt. They don't teach students at college how to operate a machine called the vagina. I will say to doubting thomases read first because information is power. The critical issue is just discipline in the heart to avoid casual sex, observe right food and learn the technique to operate the sophisticated machine called vagina.
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+1#mynameis2014-08-29 05:52
Nhai veduwe :eek:
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0#clemz2014-08-29 10:53
Wht is he trying to say, war by now mnxxxx is a mad leader
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0#Boko2014-08-31 08:02
crazy sentiments from an uneducated zanu pf son.
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