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A family in headman Chitsa's area in Chiredzi had the surprise of their life when their cow gave birth to a health three-legged calf.

A man from England who is into animals is said to have indicated that he would soon be flying to Zimbabwe to come and see the calf.

The family unlike several others that had been befallen by such misfortunes in Zimbabwe says they love the calf and they would give it special care and attention as they saw no curse about it. The News Crew was at the homestead some hours after the birth of the calf.

Margret Mugumba of Guluji Village 3 in Ward 22 in Save said the calf delivered on May 3 behaved like any normal calf as after only two hours it was able to rise and suck and within short time it was also able to walk around as well.

Mishack Komundela who is the councillor of the area praised the family for deciding to keep the calf which is male. He however, said there might be challenges when cattle are forced to walk long distances in search of water and pastures.

An veterinary department officer, Everson Mbavarira said this was caused by genetic mutation, a situation that arises when certain genes fail and said people should not be terrified by it.

"As you can see it is now trying to pick some grass which is quite normal for any calf of its age. We heard about the birth early in the morning when my grandson Constant Magumbe made a report to us but when we went to the kraal thus when we found out that the cow which once gave birth to a normal calf had given birth to a disabled calf with only three legs. What I want to tell you is that we like this calf despite its disability and we will keep it and treat it as a normal beast and now I know that we have 10 cattle including this one and only God knows the end from the beginning whether it will live or die," said Margret.

People who spoke to The News Crew said they have never seen or heard about a three-legged calf before.

The Member of Parliament for Chiredzi East Constituency, Denford Masiya welcomed the idea of keeping the bull but feared that if allowed to breed it may cause the birth of many other disabled calves.

"I have heard of such an incident which happened in my constituency. What I want people to understand is that this is God's creation and such things happen even to animals they happen to human beings and the community should not attach certain cultural beliefs to this incident because such things happens naturally," said Masiya.

"That calf has the potential to live as you have noticed because it is feeding normally and I have been there and I have seen the calf. For your own information I heard from the owner of that calf that a certain white man under Malilangwe Trust from England is coming to see that calf therefore I am  strongly advising them to keep and treat this calf just like other cattle," said Mbavarira.

Headman Chitsa said he had never come across such a thing and was itching to go and see the calf.

"I have never heard or saw such an incident and this will be a first time in my life to witness this. I am preparing to go and see it. Let me tell you that these are signs and wonders which Jesus Christ referred to when he says when you see such wonders just know that the Son of God is near. Jesu akati kana ndouya muchaona mashura ndozvinoratidza kuti ndave kuuya (Jesus stated when I am about to come signs and wonders will appear and this will show that my coming is at hand)," said Chief Chitsa.

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