An online news website, The Telescope, claims that Bona Nyepudzai Mugabe who is the apple of President Robert Mugabe's eye, is battling to fall pregnant, causing despondency inside family circles and excruciating concern to Mugabe and his wife Grace, who are reportedly itching for a grandchild.

Written by Mary-Kate Kahari

High level sources close to the Chikore family, where Bona is married to their son, Simba, who was initially thought to be a pilot at either Emirates or Qatar Airways, but has turned out to be a former helicopter pilot trainee with the Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ), say the situation obtaining on the ground is "so serious" because the Mugabes are failing to understand why Bona is failing to conceive, five months after delivering her to the Chikores.

According to local traditional beliefs, it is largely expected for a bride to fall pregnant immediately after the marriage festivity, especially if she was a virgin, since no man would have broken her hymen, thus making it easy to catch pregnancy after a few attempts during honeymoon, an Elder in the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga), who opened up on the issue said last week.

Although Bona and Simba have long been back from their government paid honeymoon bankrolled by tourism minister, Walter Mzembi in the Seychelles, and keeping a low profile, Bona has not yet fallen pregnant, something which the State media could have been awash with, had she been lucky, said the Zaoga Elder.

It is also coming to light that the couple, whose marriage drew more than 4000 guests including African Heads of State, such as South Africa's Jacob Zuma and Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, is allegedly having problems and could be headed for the rocks, because Bona was allegedly not a virgin, when she got married, contrary to boasts by the First Lady that she was one.

"Simba is very frustrated, after being lied to," said another Zaoga youth leader. "During their honeymoon, he realised that Bona was not a full woman, but there was no going back because you cannot easily walk away from a powerful family, like the one he has married into. When he fell in love with Bona to the point of deciding to marry her, Simba had to dump his long-time girlfriend, Emelda Mudzamiri, although everyone in church had concluded that they would tie the knot together."

Emelda is a gospel musician of note. Chikore has also previously been linked to other women, and was deemed unfit to marry Bona, by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), whose assessment report on the "playboy" was ignored by Grace.

Bona on the other hand was rumoured to have had a romantic affair, with the son of a leading musician in Zimbabwe and the African continent. The rising young musician died in a mysterious car accident, which devastated his father. Also the son of a prominent Tanzanian businessman, has also been reportedly linked to Bona during her university days.

Last year, Grace denied speculative media reports, that Bona had been raped in Singapore after a student party and had lost her virginity, while speaking openly about her daughter's marriage at a women's conference in Harare.

"Way back, I asked my daughter whether she had a boyfriend since she was growing up the same way I did, a shy person and reserved, and she said there was someone," said Grace.

"I called (Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa, ZAOGA, pastor) Mai Eunah Guti to ask about the boyfriend and her response was – "if that boy becomes your son-in-law, you will be delighted". I also spoke to Baba Ezekiel Guti, and he again echoed the same sentiments. They (Bona and Simba) developed a relationship and I told my daughter I am going to bring you up the traditional way. Do not ever let that boy touch your breast or your body you must have the honour to get married when you are still a virgin. She has listened to me and I spoke to Simba and I told him that I want my daughter to get married when she is still a virgin and he respects that. There were reports that my daughter was raped … nothing of that sort ever happened. She is a virgin," she said.

This publication also revealed in March, Bona had allegedly been press-ganged into marriage, against her will to appease her parents. The 24 year old, was rounded up to marry Chikore due to unperturbed pressure from her mother and the ZAOGA church.
Grace, was reported to have railroaded the marriage ceremony following concerns that Mugabe's health and age, might result in him failing to see Bona tie the knot, therefore she wanted to fulfill her husbands wish.
According to our early report, the newly weds had also come under severe pressure to make their first baby, as it was Mugabe and Grace dream to "hold and see their first grandchild" as a couple together and alive. Grace is already a grandmother, after her first born son Russell, to her first husband Stanely Gorereza recently became a father.

Bona has taken charge of Gushungo Dairy Estate in Mazowe, after reportedly being appointed an executive director by her mother, and is expected to take up her appointment before year end. Gushungo Dairy, runs the Alpha Omega Dairy brand, which produces a cross-section of dairy products such as fresh milk, ice cream, yoghurt, juices and mineral water. More details on this report, shall be unveiled.

Disclaimer: This article was independently written by The Telescope News.  The views of The Telescope News and other publications quoted are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent the views of My Zimbabwe. Please note that My Zimbabwe News does not control, monitor or guarantee the information contained in publications or information sourced from other external websites, and does not necessarily endorse any views expressed or products or services offered therein.



+4#Bankwe2014-08-29 18:52
Please Mr or Mrs reporter, leave those children alone, I really don't like to read what you have to say,, give them a chance,, we are proud of our girl, and so should you, why this scratching remarks, you want to fight the kids as well,, very disgusting, leave them alone, nxaa.
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0#Proffessor2014-08-29 19:15
How can I believe this story .
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+1#Solo2014-08-29 19:55
There are plenty males who married girls that were not virgins but they don't make it a public secret. Where it happens it is a top secret and highly confidential.

In the event that its true, I encourage the youngsters to seek medical attention. Males maybe affected by low sperm count, females normally suffer from a latent disease called "jeko" in Shona, in Farm Science its identified as "contagious abortion". Not all medical doctors can treat "jeko" but there are specialists in Zimbabwe who can fix it.
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0#netsai2014-08-30 16:49
tell them bra
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0#reason2014-09-03 15:01
Quoting Solo:
There are plenty males who married girls that were not virgins but they don't make it a public secret. Where it happens it is a top secret and highly confidential.

In the event that its true, I encourage the youngsters to seek medical attention. Males maybe affected by low sperm count, females normally suffer from a latent disease called "jeko" in Shona, in Farm Science its identified as "contagious abortion". Not all medical doctors can treat "jeko" but there are specialists in Zimbabwe who can fix it.

dacha remunhu, ungatobvuma matuzvi akadai kwakutopa advise, dump head.
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0#Solo2014-08-29 19:57
When the medical treatment is done, avoid too strong foods like Tanganda Tea because it aborts. Some ladies in hair saloons share notes on how to abort by taking Tanganda Tea. Women are not always fertile all the days of the month, they are very fertile 10 to 15 days after mensuration. There are some fertility enhancing tablets in pharmacies. Just one chocolate sweet per day causes the blood to be excited down there. Then kwakurova matama neshamhu zvebasa, tinouya kumakorokoto imi!
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0#Solo2014-08-29 20:20
Scientists say that the sperms swim to the ovary and only one will fertilise the egg. That's how it happens but there is someone in control who controls these things. Ask God, the creator and owner of the universe, to provide. In Psalms 81:10 God says that open your mouth wide I'll fill it. God said it. That settles it. Believe it.
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-1#Simbiso2014-08-30 10:07
why trespassing into their marriage. zvenyu mapedza here. Munakwana.
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+1#JONSO2014-08-30 12:23
Murikumhanya, isai mabrake. A child is a gift from God. We all know that. Now you are using your thinking to make a child. Tinyararirei apo. I dont seem to see where the wishes of the newly weds were written in the story. What if its their decision, or its not yet God's time. Mareporter nyorai nhau, musaite makuhwa. Aya a makuhwa amakutinyorera aya.
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-1#MUONGORORI2014-08-30 13:35
useless beliefs, then why did she not got pregnant on the first time she lost her viginity. if all women are supposed to get pregnant on their first encounters with men, why are there barren ladies? tavakugona kufunga hedu imi vemapepa tokuzivai pamwe zvavo zvitori nani pane history dzenyu
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0#Me2014-08-30 15:42
Vanhu hamudi kuona chakanaka makaitasei umwe akazobara after 10 years wani siyanai naBona pliz
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0#Chihera2014-08-31 06:32
Haiwawo taneta naye isu. NEXT.
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0#pkb2014-09-01 09:33
please leave Bona and Simba alone. Mwana achauya kana Mwari vada. Vamwe vanoita 15 years vasina mwana. Chikuru rudo. To the young couple I say its too early to despair. KAna aisave virgin zvine basa rei. Most of our girls are no longer virgins and she is also human. She can also make mistakes
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+1#Tozvi2015-01-24 05:59
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0#mavis2015-03-04 11:55
I had a child after 11 years of marriage and I did not use anything OR went to sangomas.My hubby and I had resigned to our 5 months guys please give her time.a LOT of time.and even if she doesnt its Gods will let her be.
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Mukorekore Tavara
-1#Mukorekore Tavara2015-03-05 21:52
Amen. Reporters, leave Simba and Bona's marriage in peace
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0#Takemore2015-07-23 14:34
Vanhu vanonyora izvi makatoendawo kunodzidzira here basa iri. Munoda kuti kana matiudza tiite sei, munonamata iyemi? Mamwe mabasa aya muchenjere kuti anokubvisai pana Mwari. Shuviraiwo vamwe zvakanaka nguva dzose, zviripachena kuti makatorwadziwa nekuchata kwakaita vana ava. Tinoda vanhu vakakwana. Headline kana kuti musoro wenyaya nezvamanyora hazvienderani. NJERE SHOMA, Mwari ngaakuitirei tsitsi vanyori imi.
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