A Zimbabwean man was reportedly brutally attacked before being killed in South Africa on Monday night.

The incident, which has laden many Zimbabweans hearts and dampened their cheeks with fresh tears is said to have occurred at around 8.30pm on Monday in Diepsloot – a densely populated settlement in the north of Johannesburg, South Africa. Diepsloot is home to about 150,000 people; many of them live in shacks 3 metres by 2 metres assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal.

Some unemployed Zimbabweans who illegally cross the border to seek greener pastures in South Africa are part of the 150,000 who reside in Diepsloot.

When the incident occurred, according to sources, the man whose name has not been revealed yet, was reportedly coming from evening prayers.

"The man was coming from evening prayers in the same area though it's a distance from his place of residence. He was confronted by three strangers who then attacked him. During the attack he was asked where he was coming from, he told them he coming from church immediately he was shoot by a guy on the foot and was asked to pray in case his God would hear him. While in pain and trying to pray, the trigger was pulled again this time it was straight in the head, and the man died on the spot," narrated the source.

Further allegations are that the lifeless body of the unlucky Zimbabwean spent the whole night laying on the road, and was only picked up by the police on Tuesday afternoon.

A relative who was still in the state of shock reportedly said the body of the now deceased will be transported to Zimbabwe for burial on Sunday.

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