MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai lost to Zanu-PF on all occasions he has contested elections and must be ashamed of his performance and stop eyeing the country’s presidency, former secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti, has said.

Mr Biti was addressing youths and students in Masvingo on Saturday. Mr Biti dismissed Mr Tsvangirai as a clueless specialist in failure with no capacity to lead Zimbabwe.

He said Mr Tsvangirai has been losing to Zanu-PF since 2000 and was now an obstacle to the democratic struggle.

"We cannot be part and parcel of a party (MDC-T) that has a belief system and values that we do not agree with. We say no! We cannot allow a situation where a leader is treated as some kind of a Messiah or a biblical Moses," said Mr Biti.

"He (Mr Tsvangirai) has lost six elections but he is not even ashamed of that. He is a specialist in failure and is clueless on how to solve problems affecting this country. Only the Renewal Team has the capacity to take this country forward and we will form the next government."

He said the Renewal Team would not rejoin the MDC-T.

"We are preparing for our Congress that is going to be held next year. Slowly but surely we are going ahead with the building of our party," said Mr Biti.

Renewal Team senior members took turns to lampoon Mr Tsvangirai with Mr Elton Mangoma, the former MDC-T deputy treasurer-general, saying Mr Tsvangirai was politically dead, never to resurrect.

"He was a very weak leader and does not have anything new to offer to Zimbabweans. Politically Mr Tsvangirai is finished and will never resurrect. The only person who managed to resurrect according to my knowledge was Jesus," said Mr Mangoma.

Former MDC-T youth leader Mr Solomon Madzore said Mr Tsvangirai was best at flirting with women and has no clue at all when it comes to leading a country.

"Tsvangirai is like a person who upon realising that his vehicle is boiling starts checking the number plate.
"The man has no clue at all about what is needed to take this country forward," he said.

Several former MDC-T Members of Parliament in Masvingo, including Messrs Tongai Matutu, Harrison Mudzuri, Heya Shoko and Earnest Mudavanhu, among others were in attendance.



+3#mhanduyezanu2014-09-01 08:46
the renewal team is full of idiots just like their ZANU PF counterparts. Instead of selling us their proper objectives as a party they are busy lambasting Morgan. I personally thought Biti was intelligent but I am beginning to think otherwise. these guys are clueless, if Tsvangirai is a serial looser then why waste time talking about him. I believe the full address was about Tsvangirai and nothing else, hamuna kumbosiyana nevanhu veZANU vanotaura nezvaTsvangirai paheroes acre vachivigana, tsve kutaura "nezvegamba" rafa takarasima naTsvangirai, shameless baboons
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+5#mutirowafanza2014-09-01 08:52
Mese vanhu imi murimadofo. Haasi Tsvangira ega aidyiwa bt Mdc as a collective. Nguva yese iyi u were there. Imi vacho ur just dreaming u will never rule Zimbabwe.
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Knowledge Masuko
+4#Knowledge Masuko2014-09-01 08:56
Tendai Biti is more than worse. He will never win even a single vote, come the elections in 2018. Biti should thank Tsvangirai for managing to be elected the Finance Minister, this was all because of Morgan. Shame on you Biti. You are also a womaniser.
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+1#pkb2014-09-01 10:14
Hey guys you have echoed my sentiments. I used to think Biti has brains but its turning out otherwise. We want to hear your objectives mr biti not how good you attack your former boss or else you and your team are going to be irrelevant sooner than later. Tsvangirai is better than you if you ask me
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+2#zvichapera2014-09-01 10:36
Biti kaba fai utuke Tsvangirai unonga uchipedza nguva yako.Murume uyu murume chaiye not iwe kuita senge waya warume wakanyorwa pa ma toilet.Tiningo muda kanadai akaruza ka 1000
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+1#ike2014-09-01 12:26
Biti is a huge disappointment to many. He appeared respectable under Mr. Tsvangirai now that he's on his own he looks hollow and clueless. Stop attacking Mr. Tsvangirai. We are not against personalities but bad and clueless systems like Zpf and renewable team. Bob is better than you biti in my humble opinion.
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+1#Prince2014-09-01 12:41
Biti please tell us what you stand for or we shall treat you the same we did to Welshman.
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+1#maitahenyu2014-09-01 12:59
This renewal team is becoming a circus everyday, seriously every meeting they talk of Tsvangirayi meaning he is not as dead as they say. How many still speak daily about the Great Tongo, it is because he is dead and now Tsvangirayi today, tomorrow, during lunch and breakfast useless bunch of idiots calling them renewal what renewal. I wonder who the brains of people who waste their time listening to all this nonsense.
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0#Wedhinganga2014-09-01 15:21
Paadyiwa Morgan iwewe Tendai waiwepi uchiitei???
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0#Roell2014-09-01 20:42
Bit must just tell us what he has in store for Zimbabweans and stop his silly and childish personal attacks. Had it not been for the courageous Morgan, the late Gibson Sibanda, Isaac Matongo and Learnmore Jonjwe ( may their souls rest in peace ) all these power hungry parasites would be unknown entities. Come 2018 elections, Biti and your so called renewal team will be condemned to the political dustbin. Bvunzai vana Ncube, Makoni and Dabengwa. Our original MDC under Morgan will never die.
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0#wake2014-09-02 02:57
Insted of tlkng about others, tlk about hw u goinn to raise the moral of our economy
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0#clemz2014-09-02 05:23
Biti n yo stupid crew plz we are fighting old man Mugabe not Morgan. Come up with a strong slogan that people can buy not to insult our President Tsvangirai, come up wth powerful campeign not to insult you president. How much Zanu Pf paid you to paint our leader?
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0#Ndofandayedza2014-09-02 06:14
vakomana matokanya hamufungi ana biti haufe wakaitonga
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0#nono2014-09-02 13:50
murwere aakutopenga uyu
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