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TWO Lupane women who seemingly have bigger-than-usual private parts and their male accomplice from Gweru were taken to court in Zvishavane for shoplifting after being caught by a local wholesale manager hiding perfumes deep into their 'honey jars'.

Mercy Moyo (28) and Precious Khumalo (39) of Lupaka village under Chief Mabhikwa in Lupane and Innocent Ben (28) of Mkoba 14 in Gweru were convicted and sentenced to 30 days behind bars by Zvishavane magistrate Peter Madiba after they pleaded guilty to the theft.

It was the State’s case that on August 25, the N Richards Wholesale branch manager was monitoring CCTV footage in his office when he saw the three and a fourth suspect, who is still at large, next to a perfume shelf.

Ben and the suspect at large shielded Moyo and Khumalo while they hid small bottles in their private parts and panties. Ben placed other perfumes between his legs.

The manager alerted a security who requested Moyo and Khumalo to go back inside as they had walked out with 6 bottles of perfume hidden in her panties and private parts.

Ben and the other suspect fled, but the former was apprehended by a mob which meted out instant justice before being handed over to the shop’s security.

Upon being searched inside the shop, it was discovered Moyo and Khumalo had hidden small bottles of perfume in their private parts and others in their panties.

The two women told the court that they had stolen the perfumes because they wanted to raise money for transport to return to Lupane saying they were stranded in Zvishavane, although they did not reveal what they were doing at the mine and how they got there.

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