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SHEILA Makiwa from Famona suburb in Bulawayo reportedly shrugged off her boyfriend’s warning that she would never find peace and happiness when she dumped him.

And now her life is miserable as she is being severely tormented by her estranged lover Taurai Zuweni.

The jilted Zuweni is now threatening to kill his ex-lover before killing himself apparently as punishment for dumping him.

Makiwa said trouble began after she broke up with Zuweni who allegedly swore that she would not find peace and happiness without him.

Reports are that Zuweni and Makiwa were in a relationship that ended sometime this year and the former didn’t take it lightly.

“I was in a relationship with Taurai Zuweni. After we separated he turned violent and he started insulting me. He even threatened to kill me before he killed himself at our house.

“He is also in the habit of calling my employer while threatening him and saying a lot of bad things about me with the intention of having me fired from work.

“I now fear for my life and want the court to protect me before he lives true to his threats of killing me,” said a fearful Makiwa.

In response, the vengeful Zuweni was remorseful and did not dispute his ex-lover’s submissions.

He said it was true that he started threatening her after she red-carded him.

“I do not dispute what she has said. I am totally in agreement with everything she has told the court,” Zuweni tersely said.

Following his consent, the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure sternly ordered him not to emotionally and verbally abuse the applicant or threaten her in any way.

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