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Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya has said when President Robert Mugabe leaves office he will go with Zanu PF as he is the one holding it together now.

"Whenever and however President Robert Mugabe goes or leaves office, he will go with Zanu PF. The rate and magnitude of authoritarian erosion and lack of elite consensus in Zanu PF is fast and unimaginable. Take it from me today. There is no political glue to bind these Zanu PF factions beyond Bob," he said.

"Zimbabwe is precipitating into possible authoritarian breakdown and disintegration right in our faces especially with the involvement of the security apparatus into party/state politics. Slowly descending into Kenyan style politics of undesirable ethnic configurations post President Mugabe."

Currently Zanu PF is rocked by deadly divisions which according to analysts will lead to the collapse of the party when the veteran leader leaves office or dies.

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