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A city of Harare employee was bashed over cheating with a married man in Glen Norah last week. Aidah Manambara’s, 34, marriage with Clement Kanyoka is on the rocks after several married women confronted her husband accusing her of dating married men. Aidah received an anonymous lady visitor at her house who thoroughly bashed her in front of her kid and neighbors accusing her of cheating with her husband.

Clement failed to stomach it and decided to pack his belongings and stashed them in a garage at his workplace where he is living.

“I want to believe that my wife is possessed by a spirit of p rostitution, her insatiable appetite for s ex with several men has caused untold suffering to me and our child. I tried to take her to Johanne Masowe eChishanu for cleansing but it seems chakabaya chikatyokera anorura haaguti muhombe. Mukadzi ane demon rekuda kukwirwa iyeye manje ini handingazvigone. As we speak I am living in a garage at my work placed because several married women confronted me over her cheating with their husbands. After I left the house, she added salt to my wound by sending a photograph of her with a married man saying the man is better than me in everything. My wife anodriver mota inotakura marara. Maybe the rubbish she carries is now in her. Our neighbors are ever pointing fingers at me about her cheating. I feel ashamed and undressed by her evil actions,”said Clement

Clement told H-Metro that his face is familiar at Glen Norah police station over his wife’s infidelity. Contacted for comment, Aidah confirmed the incident saying the woman who bashed her is wife to a man she dated some years ago.

“My husband packed his belongings because he failed to understand what I was explaining over the woman who came and attacked me,” said Aidah.

“Zvekurohwa nemukadzi wemunhu hazvina basa nekuti handina murume ini, Clement akambondisiya akazodzoka aenda kunogara nepfambi nhasi ondifumura. I dated the husband of the lady who attacked me long back but I was surprised by her coming on the day when I had a quarrel with my husband. It is not Clement’s first time to pack his belongings whenever we quarrel and sending him the photograph is a message to prove that I am no longer comfortable to live with him. I have found someone who gives me what I want and if I may be honest with you, Clement was just a boyfriend not my husband. I was giving him shelter since he is a vagrant anorara mugarage,” said Aidah.

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