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THE Welshman Ncube led MDC says it supports South Africa civil rights group, AfriForum`s decision to pursue the assault case involving First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Grace assaulted Gabriella Engels while on a private visit in South Africa two weeks ago.

She had to be granted diplomatic immunity by the South African government, after Engels, who claims the former assaulted her with an extension cord which left her bruised, had reported the matter to the police.

This paved way for the South African police to haul Mugabe before the courts to answer to the charges.

However, this did not happen as the South African government buckled under pressure and granted Mugabe’s wife permission to return home.

However, this has left the opposition party bemused.

“MDC strongly condemns the decision made by the South African Department of International RelatioMDC urges SA civil rights groups to challenge Grace Mugabe's immunity: 'Grace must face the full wrath of the law'ns and Corporation to grant Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity following her savage attack on Gabriella Engels while on a private visit to South Africa recently.

“We view this partisan application of the law as grossly unfair and unjust and believe it sets a bad precedent for justice and the rule of law in the region,” the MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi, charged.

Chihwayi, who branded Mugabe a ‘criminal’, said she must have her day in court.

“This move to grant her diplomatic immunity is an insult to justice and undermines the legal system of South Africa and the SADC region as a whole. Grace Mugabe must face the full wrath of the law like any other criminal.

“Thanks to the decision to let her scot free Grace Mugabe will continue to beat and harass all in her path believing she is untouchable. If as Africans we continue to let bad leaders enjoy impunity, we are then guaranteeing that there will never be democracy in our continent. We believe that people are born equal hence the law should treat everyone fairly and equally,” said Chihwayi.

Chihwayi continued: “We call upon the government of South Africa to relook into this matter and act accordingly. We second the AfriForum stance to challenge the decision in the South African High Court.”

Since returning home on Sunday morning, neither Grace nor President Mugabe have spoken out on the matter.

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