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Information Minister Christopher Mushohwe has showered accolades of worship on the late Vice President Simon Muzenda’s wife, playing the apparent antithesis on Grace Mugabe’s challenges.

Grace is currently recovering from the shame of news stories and a police inquiry under claims that she performed the disciplining of a South African female colleague of her son Chatunga, by assaulting her.

The victim, Gabriella Engels would last Sunday come out with a bloodied head while complaining that she was brutalised to the point of her hair being pulled off while in a Sandton hotel.

While Mushohwe did not mention Grace’s name, the contents of his accolades raised eyebrows with many claiming that it is Grace Mugabe who is under consideration. As a result, Grace Mugabe’s reputation plummeted this week.

Mushohwe’s comments published in the state broadsheet have him describing her as a loving, strong, humble and prayerful mother.

“Amai Muzenda is a real mother who even under difficult times managed to stay with the family. When her husband was fighting for liberation of the country, she never wavered. When former Vice President Muzenda died she maintained the dignity of a mother and we never heard complaints but she stayed in the party. She worked with her husband and sacrificed until her death. Other women should learn from her,” said Dr Mushohwe.

He said the manner in which Amai Muzenda groomed her children even when her husband was in prison was testimony to her good motherliness.

“Other women must emulate Amai Muzenda who was soft spoken and a classical example of a real mother who treated us with respect even though she was married to a Vice President,” said Dr Mushohwe.

Dr Mushohwe worked closely with Amai Muzenda for 20 years.

“She did not ill-treat me not even for a single day. She remained humble and respected me even though I was a worker.

“The nation will miss her. I will personally miss her. I am deeply pained and cannot do anything as it is God’s time. She was a pillar of strength, a loving mother and grandmother. We will really miss her.”

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