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The Hurungwe prison officer murdered by an escaped prisoner was first struck with an axe before being raped, emerging details of the murder have revealed.

Further details show that Stancilus Mashayamombe also known as Tafadzwa Tembo (30), was a Class "A" prisoner who was scheduled for release on September 22, 2014 after serving a 30-month jail sentence for attempted murder.

A Class "A" prisoner is free to perform duties without supervision from prison officers as they are deemed less of a flight risk owing to the number of days left for them to complete their jail term.

On the fateful day, August 31, Mashayamombe was tasked to fetch firewood in the prison farm at around 5pm and expected to return by 6pm. However, he did not return, prompting a search for him.

In the meantime, he went to the now late Beastie Tapiwa Mujuru (32), a Grade 2 prison officer who also works as an ECD teacher at the prison camp.

Armed with an axe, he broke the lounge window to gain entry before approaching Mujuru who was reportedly lying on the bed.

He allegedly struck her above the right eye with the axe after which she is suspected to have fallen unconscious.

Mashayamombe allegedly removed her clothes and raped her once before tying her hands with a rope, her legs with a neck tie and covered her mouth with a tie.

The escapee removed his prison garb before taking a khaki pair of trousers, a white T-shirt, black combat shoes and a black jacket. He took the keys to a Nissan Sunny parked outside and drove off leaving Mujuru lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

The matter came to light on September 1 at around 8am when she did not turn up at school prompting her workmates to visit her home. They found her lying on the floor and reported the matter to the police.

Investigations led to Mashayamombe's arrest at Maumbe Township in Magunje as he was driving the stolen car and still putting on the stolen clothes.

Mujuru's body was taken to the mortuary where it was observed that she had a deep wound above the right eye, and white discharge from her private parts. She was also bleeding from the nose and mouth.

Mashayamombe is expected to appear in court soon facing murder charges and escaping from lawful custody.

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