LATE Zimbabwe's first president, Dr Canaan Sodindo Banana's son, Nathan, has decided to follow in his father's footsteps by launching a political party, with the aim of launching a full-fledged campaign that will see him participate in the 2018 general elections.

The Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe party was recently launched in the UK and is expected to be launched in the country next year in January.

Nathan, who is Dr Banana's third born son, however, declined to comment on these developments referring this reporter to the party's information desk.

"This is not really my party but it is a political party in its structuring and formative phase, being developed in Zimbabwe and across the world by ordinary Zimbabweans. I am simply helping as I like their vision and mission objectives," he said.

The news crew sent written questions to Mr Dumisani Senda, who is the party's media and publicity director, but he had not responded by the time of going to print.

According to the party's website, Nathan is listed as a founding member together with Mr Tonderai Chivengwa, Mr Jammel Asani, Mr Tau Muluswela, Mrs Evenly Mudzingwe, Mr Maqhawe Mpofu and Mr Senda.

In April of this year before the launch of Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe, Nathan wrote on his facebook page: "I have had many individuals recently encouraging me to offer myself for political leadership in Zimbabwe. Perhaps because of the history behind my name, or from a genuine belief in my ability and capability to influence positive change in society."

"Much as my internal emotions compel me to embrace the invitation, I think that such an approach to leadership is not transparent enough in terms of properly assessing a prospective candidate for any leadership role. If I was selfish, arrogant and perhaps egoistic I would have jumped at such an opportunity to be imposed on the humble and innocent majority who have been fooled by missed deadlines and broken promises.

"I strongly believe that true and sincere leadership is not manufactured in education institutions, nominated to be successors by those before them, hereditary nor chosen because of the power they wield in society, be it financial wealth or any other type of power that has not been fully appreciated by the people whom it is meant to represent."

According to a Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe source the new political party would target disgruntled supporters of the MDC-T.

However, it is unclear what Nathan's contribution has been to the community of Zimbabwe besides the track record of his family name. His father Canaan served as the first President of Zimbabwe from 18 April 1980 until 31 December 1987 but was disgraced in 1998 when he was found guilty of 11 charges of sexual assault.

He was sentenced to 10 years in jail, nine of which were suspended, and his wife and family, including Nathan, sought political asylum in Britain in October 2000. Banana actually served six months in an open prison before being released in January 2001. He was an influential pastor in the Methodist Church.



+1#repo2014-09-07 13:01
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0#Henz2014-09-07 13:35
I think its tyme 4 Tsvangirai to join forces with Nathan 4 the betterment of zim
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+1#chimudhara2014-09-07 13:51
daidza morgan kuti zviite
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-2#Gunguwo2014-09-07 14:06
Ndezve mahubwe isu toziva kuti nyika yedu inotongwa naVamugabe kwete kungo nyuka sehohwa kana vamugabe vave kuzoda kuzorora toda Mhamha vedu panyanga maiMufabe
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+1#mabhanditi2014-09-07 14:27
Asi wakapihwa munda kani , kana wakapihwa wakarimei mwaka wakapfuura zvimwe zvinhu gayaiwo mhani ungataure kuti unoda kutongwa namai mugabe , I thnk kana kumba unotongwa nemukadzi , we a young genaration we need change even if yakabuda muzanu pf as long as ingori change kwete yekutongwa nemukadzi maya ,, haazi mafunnies
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0#zvichapera2014-09-07 18:29
Ngewe mbeu here wanondo ramba wachitonga.asi yatowe nyika ine surname kani.inongozi wanhingi ngawa rambe waripo
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+1#Deeman2014-09-07 14:44
And I think this may be the right candidate to replace the Mugabe regime
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-2#TANDA CHITANGAZUVA2014-09-08 08:02
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-1#Makudo2014-09-08 10:33
kikikikikikiki does dis Natan know the country Zimbabwe. When last was in Zimbabwe? Usatambise nguva yako iwe Natan, gara ikweyo, hatikudi kuno, unofira yababa vako.
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0#maitahenyu2014-09-08 12:42
If they want to win an election they cannot win by luring disgruntled MDC-T supporters because there aren't any. The only disgruntled people in MDC-T have already separated themselves and become an appendage of ZanuPF led by Tendai Mbiti aka Biti. I thought they want to form a coalition with MDC-T, that is for the moment the only tenable way. Who are advising these youngsters?
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