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In a shocking incident a Plumtree village head's daughter allegedly gave birth and dumped the newly born baby so that dogs could feed on the baby.

According to very reliable sources from the area, the daughter of the headman, name provided, gave birth to the baby at her home and went out to dump the baby in a near by bush.

Local herd boys discovered the incident while herding their cattle when they saw their dogs feasting on some meat. Upon moving close to the scene they discovered that the dogs were feeding on human flesh.

Police officers were immediately called into the scene where they only recovered the head and ribs as remains of the new life. According to informants, locals in the area know very well that the headman's daughter is responsible for the act but are refusing to disclose the information to the police in fear of the headman.

"We all saw her pregnant and we know she gave birth but suddenly she is not pregnant and no baby to show for it and yet there is a baby dumped in the area, one plus one can only give us two not four," said the informant who insisted on remaining anonymous.

The villagers claim that the headman is too powerful both politically and in traditional medicines and everyone is scared to divulge information to the police in fear of being targeted with an unknown and unspecified action. According to the informants, the daughter of the headman has not been seen around the area for the last few days which makes them believe that she may have gone into hiding from the police who are closing in on her.

Comment could not be immediately obtained from the police but our reporters are hot on the heels of the matter and will provide more information as soon as it is available. Comments will be sourced soonest from both the police and the headman in question.

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