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A 25-YEAR-OLD woman caused a scene when guests mistook her for South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu at the official opening of the Carnival at Harare International Centre on Thursday.

Clad in an all-black, revealing costume, the woman stole the show as she posed for pictures with guests.

She identified herself as Charlene Katsa -an actress, model and presenter who featured on local television soap ‘Outrage’

“People thought that I was Zodwa Wabantu based on photographs of her in a black attire that circulated on social media,” said Charlene.

“The mask helped me much because many wanted to see my face and three men volunteered to be my bodyguards.

“Hanzi musatipe zvenyu mari tinongoda kufamba pedyo nemunhu akapfeka zvinoyevedza. I had my p anties and my designer made three attires for the Carnival.

“I am proud of my country and its sunshine with wonders of the world,” said Charlene.

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