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Following the Minister of Home Affairs remarks on 12 August 2014 that a clear criminal record was a condition to qualify for the Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit, the Zimbabwe Community South Africa (ZCSA) said they have noted people flocking to police stations for police clearance, but there is in fact no need for anyone to get police clearance.

Two women from Capricorn were angry with Retreat Police station when it refused to assist them with police clearance process.

"The retreat police officer could not wait to dismiss me and told me to go do it at the police station in my area. I then went to Muizenberg and I was told I should make an appointment. I am still waiting for my employer to give me time off to go and make an appointment ... When my friend went to Cape Town Police Station, she was told that the process could be done at any police station and should not be a problem."

Some Zimbabweans have already processed their police clearance, and await the application process starting on 1 October. Many are anxious about the application fees and are waiting to get paid this month end before they can pay the fees for the process. According to them, a clear criminal record means getting a police clearance.

But ZCSA say there is no need for anyone to go to a police station.
The procedure to apply for a Zimbabwe Special Permit is as follows:

  • Step 1 - From 1 October, apply online for a permit and submit the required documents online.
  • Step 2 - You shall receive an invitation for an interview with the date and venue. When you go for an interview, take all the required (original) documents. Your fingerprints will be taken for a Biometric Identification by Home Affairs.
  • Step 3 - You shall be informed when to collect your permit. Your biometrics will be taken again as a security measure, then your permit will be stamped on your valid passport.

The organisation also clarified that the new special permit can only be applied for by those who hold Zimbabwe Dispensation Permits. Home Affairs is yet to announce the fee of the special permits. ground up

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