Police have released the names of the three men who died in Highlands, Harare during a pool party over the weekend.

The three who drowned are Timothy Moyo (22), Washington Mushanawani (19) and Tonderai Haatumwi. The bodies of the three were found floating in a pool on Sunday morning after a night of partying at a boat house along Enterprise Road in Highlands.

Law enforcement authorities say they will pounce on all places where parties of that nature are taking place.

Police National Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said police will take action against organisers of such parties who are promoting brothel acts and putting the youth's lives in danger.

It is suspected that the three tried to swim and drowned and their bodies were found early in the morning.

"According to reports, the party started around 10pm and the bodies were discovered around 2.25am by the owner of the house who reported to the police," said Harare provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tarirai Dube.

A sombre atmosphere gripped the popular Boathouse yesterday, with its occupants becoming hostile to the news crew, before referring them to the police.

Some teenagers who attended the pool party and were still milling on the roads around the house, said they started the party around 6pm on Saturday and ended yesterday at around 2am.

"We saw an advertisement on Facebook about the pool party. We were made to pay US$5 each to gain entry. "Beer and food was being sold at the premises," said one of the youths.

According to the advertisement on Facebook, the pool party was being hosted by "Beefy, Hibangaz and Dee Nosh Inc".

The three bodies were taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.



+1#TK2014-09-08 23:45
This is un believable how can these innocent youth die mysteriously like that. The organisers must be responsible for their death
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0#mynameis2014-09-09 03:00
kuda zvinhu
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+4#Naome2014-09-09 03:18
People should be aware of this Facebook thing.Many are dying and loosing their marriages. Satan is working through Facebook. Chenjerai hamadzangu. Upenyu h Wakakakokosha uku.
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Amai Tee
+1#Amai Tee2014-09-09 08:12
Vanhu kuda zvinhu nxaaa honai manje zvazoitika kuvana avo!masatanists aripabasa weee
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+1#vie2014-09-09 08:36
rest in peace guys!
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+1#maitahenyu2014-09-09 11:21
You cannot drink and play in water guys that is a sure way to drown.
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+3#mobbie22014-09-09 11:33
I would have understood one person drowning. But three drowning in the same pool during the same night and no one noticing. Smell of foul play to me.
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Tin Tin
0#Tin Tin2014-09-09 13:45
I always had a bad feeling about these so called "booty parties"May Their Souls Rest In Peace.
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Tin Tin
0#Tin Tin2014-09-09 13:50
May Their Souls Rest in Peace.
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Kul Zee
0#Kul Zee2014-09-09 15:04
Pool party is fantastic and quality entertainment, in this its a pity that it was managed by unprofessional who do not have enough knowledge in hosting it. I don't think spending time with your friends or partner at a pool party sitting by the pool with your legs in the water on a sunny day having drinks and talking is a crime.
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+1#Tindo2014-09-09 17:57
Vachinyaya kuda zvinhu vana vemuHarare
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0#adie2014-09-10 09:29
may ur soul rest in ps timmy moyo watirwadzisa my dear frend its unbelivable ur gone for good.
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+1#balee2014-09-10 10:41
8) Makandiwa,Magay a,Angel,Gumbura nevamwe venyu Mwari vakukuonai
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0#xaxa2014-09-11 20:53
Imwari havasi rema urayi henyu vanhu kunge huku muchida kubudirira asi chisingaperi chinoshura mungabate mishonga as watch out
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0#Smoochie2015-09-18 03:39
it's so sad
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