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A CONDEMNED Bulawayo prisoner, Vusumuzi Moyo, appeared at the Harare High Court yesterday facing yet another murder charge in which he is alleged to have strangled a motorist who had offered him a lift.

Moyo, currently awaiting an automatic appeal on his death sentence, denied the charge of killing Dumisani Sithole on August 14 2009.

High Court judge Justice Ester Muremba heard that on the day in question, Moyo and his accomplice, whose details were not given in court papers, were offered transport by Sithole while coming out of town.

When inside the vehicle, the court heard, Moyo went on to tie a string around Sithole’s neck and strangled him to death in the process.

After the incident, Moyo and his accomplice took Sithole’s body and laid in at the back seat.

The court heard the pair allegedly drove towards Pumula suburb where they dumped the vehicle with Sithole’s body still inside.

The body was later discovered by police officers who became inquisitive after coming across the abandoned vehicle.

A post mortem report concluded that Sithole succumbed to strangulation.

In his defence outline before the court, Moyo denied the murder charge and challenged the State to prove him guilty.

He also denied signing a warned and cautioned statement in which he was recorded as admitting to the charge, claiming whatever the State alleged he said, he did not do so freely and voluntarily.

Austin Muzivi prosecuted.

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