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MDC-T vice President Nelson Nehemiah Chamisa has mocked the Zanu PF government for seemingly to be satisfied that leaders when they get sick they are airlifted to medical institutions outside the country because the local health institutions are in a sorry state.

This come after MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was the latest to be flown to South Africa for medical help after his health suffered set back.

Recently Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was airlifted to South Africa for medical health after he reportedly at poisoned food and started vomiting blood.

Also President Robert Mugabe is in the habit of being airlifted to Singapore for medical attention.

"President of Zimbabwe airlifted to Singapore for medical, Vice president of Zimbabwe airlifted to SA for medical, MDC President airlifted to SA for medical. Cross borders SA , Zambia , Mozambique and Botswana," said Chamisa.

"Ko imo muZimbabwe timbori neiko kunze kwegovement yakaora napresident Chidhara. Chisinga chagone even kufunga chega wotonzwa umwe munhu achiti pamberi neZanu iye achifumira kundo mirira bond notes and coin pabank asingariwane haaaaah vanhu ngatiitei mushe please ngatimukei."

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