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"Life is so precious and each day is a gift so enjoy every minute as it were your last to live."

These are the words that are embedded in 25-year-old Filda Mushonga's heart as she is one of the very few survivors of the horror crash that claimed the lives of 10 people on Monday.

Filda gave her brother Super, permission to speak on her behalf as she is too traumatised to speak to the media.

"My sister went through a lot and is not able to narrate the ordeal to the media at the moment and has asked me to narrate it for her. She said they were arguing with passengers. They had taken on board passengers going to Zengeza and Unit B so they were being questioned on how they were going to map their route," said Super.

The three conductors were not sitting down but etched on the sides of passengers close to the door.

"Some of the people were complaining that the kombi was also speeding. The driver wanted to silence people so he increased the volume of the radio and was playing Soul Jah Love's song 'Ndini uya uya'," he added.

Super said Filda told her that she did not remember what happened after that as she regained consciousness trapped under her seat. She said she saw the woman she had been making conversation with when the kombi was in motion staring back at her with her eyes wide open, blood dripping from her head. She took her phone and text our mother telling her that she had been involved in an accident and was trapped but she was covered in blood and not sure whose blood it was.

The fire brigade helped her out and she was taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital. The victim's brother said his sister also walked out of the hospital in a state of shock and went to Chitungwiza with blood stained clothes.

"She remembers being attended to and when she left on the bed to recover she got up and walked out of the hospital wearing one shoe and still putting on her blood-stained clothes.

"She took a kombi into town and people were just looking at her probably thinking that she was a mad person. She took the kombi to her place of residence in Chitungwiza and arrived safely."

Super added that Filda wanted to tell her mother that she was home but instead of just walking to her house which is 300 metres  away she boarded a kombi back to Parirenyatwa to look for her phone.

"Some details are still sketchy but when she came back, my mother and some women saw her walking into her house and called her but she did not respond and kept walking. They realised that she was still in shock and traumatized. She has been to a doctor and the X-rays show that she is okay. We are just concerned about the traumatic effect of what she went through because we can see that it is still haunting her," he said.

Filda's belongings were said to be at Hatfield Police Station. She is walking with her back slumped but the doctor has confirmed that there is nothing wrong with her spinal cord.

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