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Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said First Grace Mugabe is totally powerless when it comes to executive powers. This comes as youths supporting the First Wife, publicly spoke against Mnangagwa supporters.

According to Norton MP, Temba Mliswa who is also his nephew, Mnangagwa said Grace has no allotment in the constitution of Zimbabwe.

Mliswa also criticised Grace’s son, Russel Goreraza’s purchasing of two expensive Rolls Royce which he recently imported into the country.

Said Mliswa, “the First Lady cannot interfere with executive decisions, and where does she get the powers to stop an investigation of Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo? And with all due respect the Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was very clear to say that the First Lady has no executive powers.

“When I go into the Constitution, I do not see any section which confers executive powers on the First Lady. The First Family has no will to deal with corruption because we see luxurious cars being bought when we have no foreign currency in the country.

“Posh cars worth $5,4 million have been bought and we need to be sensitive to the plight of Zimbabweans because you cannot buy expensive cars when there is no foreign currency.”

Mliswa’s comments profiled in the local Newsday, come as he also lambasted President Robert Mugabe for allegedly failing to put his wife into line.

During a press conference in Harare earlier in the month, Mliswa urged the President to zero in on Grace who he said had become the leader of the country by virtue of her public utterances in government activities, yet she is not part of the Executive.

“President Mugabe must arrest his ministers so that the First family is exonerated from being the ones involved in corruption.

“He must stop protecting people like Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo through writing letters that they should not be arrested.

“The President must zero in on the First Lady Grace Mugabe who must not be involved in Executive issues. Executive issues are issues of the Executive and not the First Lady.

“There should be a separation of powers and as a legislator I get disappointed when the First Lady gets herself involved in issues of the Executive. The Executive powers are with the President.

“When the First Lady speaks now it is as good as the President is speaking because the President has not been able to control her. That is something which is rather sad for this country,” Mliswa said.

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