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Some overzealous Zanu PF activists and kraal heads in Guruve have threatened to beat up a local National People’s Party (NPP) member for distributing the opposition party’s regalia.

Local villagers told ZimEye yesterday Zanu PF activists and kraal heads in Guruve South Constituency confronted NPP activist, Constain Ngwena and threatened to assault him for distributing party t-shirts bearing former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s picture.

Village heads, White Gangarahwe, Wisdom Motsi and Talkmore Katumba also forced Ngwena to surrender NPP regalia.

“Ngwena was ordered to surrender NPP regalia by local kraal heads and Zanu PF activists. The ruling party enthusiasts also threatened to beat up Ngwena for distributing NPP t-shirts,” said a local villager.

According to sources in the troubled area, a group of Zanu PF youths in the same constituency allegedly assaulted four MDC-T supporters for wearing the opposition party’s regalia.

Although the police have been alerted about both incidents, no arrests have been made, according to local villagers.

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