Vice President Joice Mujuru has completed a doctorate degree with the Women’s University in Africa.

Olivia Muchena, the minister of Higher Education, made the announcement in Harare on Monday during the launch of the ZimAsset training programme for members of Parliament. Mujuru, who left Howard Institute while doing Form 2 in 1973 to join the liberation struggle,  had to study from home because of her commitments as a Cabinet minister.

A holder of a Masters Degree in Strategic Management, Mujuru will be graduating with a PhD next week.

"We have heard about how the president worked hard under difficult circumstances to attain several degrees but we also have another example of a hard worker in vice president Joice Mujuru who will be graduating with a PhD next week," Muchena said.

She said Mujuru had managed to achieve that feat notwithstanding the fact that she had a busy schedule in her various capacities in government and the Zanu PF party as well as being a mother.



Hacha Ndizvo
+1#Hacha Ndizvo2014-09-10 16:04
And meanwhile what is Tsvangirai studying?
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0#joeAfrica2014-09-10 16:24
These people with stringd of degrees are the ones who have taken Zim back to the 1930s
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+2#Roell2014-09-10 17:40
K iwe, what are you studying??
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+4#Solo2014-09-10 19:40
Conguratulation s!

It is good to go to school for those who can afford the fees bUt educating the mind without educating the heart is useless. President Mugabe has stayed long in politics, he's a mastermind, he's intelligent. President Mugabe is the best schooled President internationally but are zimbabweans eating best meals?

Joseph of the Holy Bible had no degree in actuarial science or banking but he was the best governor of Egypt even though he was foreign. It is not a degree certificate that does work but its an individual. A degree certificate is a piece of paper that is hung on the walls to frighten journalists. Let the point arrive home.
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0#Solo2014-09-10 20:38
There has been recession in America and Europe; do you know that that the recession was caused by technocrats with doctrates? Should we trust education?

Vice President Mujuru objected the set up of Econet in Zimbabwe. Is she pro-development ? She was objecting publication of corruption stories lately. This has nothing to do with an educated mind but its an issue of the heart.
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+1#reason2014-09-11 08:42
kikikiki, WUA, even a grade 7 people can acquire that degree from that institution.
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0#mobbie22014-09-11 11:10
Reason don't you mean grade 7 pupil instead of "a grade 7 people".
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0#drmanz2014-09-11 13:35
even reasoning dzacho iya zvongotaridza zvega zvirmudende
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